LeCellier to begin requiring 2 dining credits


From AllEars.net’s Facebook page:

News Flash! Le Cellier (Canada/Epcot) to require 2 Dining Credits for dinner only - beginning March 1, 2011.


Well, this figures.


Well at least now you’ll be able to get a ressie!


Doesn’t make much of a difference for me, unless the non-DDP menu prices also go up. I just got ressies for Le Cellier for the end of January. :wub:


That stinks…big time lol:happy:
Figures we are going March 31 to April 10…missed it by a month!

But mickeysgirls is right now it will be easier to get in!


I’m surprised it took this long to make it two credits. Le Cellier was a good deal as one credit, I think that was a big part of the current popularity.


I have to agree.
However, I seem to recall that when they first rolled out the current dining plan that Le Cellier was 2 credits (along with Coral Reef) but they dropped it to one a few months in.
It does stink a bit that it’s going back to 2 credits because most of their entree prices are in line with all the rest of the one credit places.
I wonder if Tutto Italia will bump to two credits soon, now that Via Napoli is open and Tutto Italia’s prices tend to run a bit higher than most of the one credits.
But this should make it a lot easier to get a reservation, which also might be a reason for the change. Everyone could well be tired of hearing the complaint from guests how hard getting a reservation has been.


I have had dinner there enough times that for two credits I can find other places to eat.


I just spoke to a CM and we talked about dinner reservations and she said how many guests just found it so hard to get in Le Cellier and O’hana’s too. Maybe they think guests will really consider booking if they have to spend two credits rather than one.


“It’s just good business.”
The demand is high; if they can still fill the place charging 2 credits, why not?

Of course as I remember; in the film, the lad stating it was just good business was blown up.


It’s good, but not that good.


I agree, we’ve been to Le Cellier several times but it’s not a must do for us. The food is good but there are better steak places at WDW and for 2 credits I would be trying one of those.


I have never ate there. Is it worth the 2 Table credits?? I know that Mickey’s Backyard Bar-B-Que is also 2 Table credits and so NOT worth it.


I don’t think it is but I think you’ll find a lot of people who do.


Oh we love Mickey’s Backyard BBQ- but mainly for the atmosphere rather than the food. Le Cellier is a first for us this trip, we are only going because its so popular we want to know what we’re missing- I hope it lives up to its reputation. And for us its still only one credit thank goodness.


we were so lucky to go twice last year, and to be honest it was not all that!! I would deffenetley not give up 2 credits for a good meal - it certainley was not as good as Narcoossee’s or cal grill.no windows to see fireworks.

as soungod said i remember when Coral Reef was also two credits. is it a case of supply and demand or Disney just putting on the squeeze


I hope you love it as much as we do! The bread sticks are so yummy, and the mushroom filet is “to die for”. I can’t wait to hear your reveiw.


That stinks that it will be two credits soon. This is another reason I think I’ll use Tables in Wonderland instead of the dining plan.


That takes a lot of nerve in this economy.


I have had some wonderful meals at Le cellier, and two absolutley awful meals there. I have ADRs for next month. But I would NOT use two table credits to eat there- there are much finer restaurants to enjoy for 2 credits. I wonder if the menu will be enhanced?