Lefou's brew?


Forgive me if this has been asked already, but has anyone tried Lefou’s Brew, and how is it? Thank you!


Yep! It’s delish! We found it tastes better if you mix the passionfruit/mango foam in with the frozen apple juice. Otherwise it kind of just tastes like apple juice. :laugh: Also, you can ask to get it in a plastic cup instead of the souvenir mug and save some $$$.


I have! Got to try it when they were doing the dress rehearsal for Fantasyland. It does start to take on a different taste when the top foam stuff begins to mix in with the frozen apple juice.


Expensive, $10.00 frozen apple juice… :eek:

Though, I suppose, the potential entertainment value of watching a seven year old receive a brain freeze from it is questionable… :pirate:


It’s good! But I love Butterbeer at Universal more. At Carsland it’s called Red’s apple freeze.


Apple juice? Just - no. And $10? Again - no.


From allears.net:

LeFou’s Brew $9.99
Frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam, served in a souvenir stein or goblet

It’s $9.99 if you get it in the souvenir cup…

(photo from Disney parks blog)

Otherwise it’s like $4-5, typical Disney slushy price.

(photo from wdwmagic.com)


and with a ‘touch’ of coconut rum, this could be very tasty.


Apple Schnaps won’t clash with the apple juice base.


I like the cut of your jib, Sailor.


Keeping a crazy party hardy sailor around does have its advantages.


I think this drink is the main reason I want to go check out the new FL.


Me too.
Does this have any artificial sweeteners in it? If not then I really want to try it. If so, then i’ll have to pass :sad:


I have added this to our must do, however I only want it for the mug lol. My husband saw someone walking around with the pork shank on our last trip, and told me he had to get one the next time we came.


I have too many bad memories of apple juice stains on the carpets when my kids were little…I seriously get a tic when I think of apple juice. It just sounds a waaay too sweet for my taste.


Which is why you cut with vitamin V.


It is OK very different with the combined tastes,It would be something I might get again but I would not make a special trip to get


I will get it in the plastic cup, I think, as the mug is cute but not a must have! And mmmm on the coconut rum lol