Lego store at DTD


Does anyone know where I can find a coupon for this place? Thanks…


Weird, but I just did a google search for Lego Store coupons and it only kicked out online coupons.


same here too. I wonder what I need to do to find some becuase I remember seeing people use coupons the last time I was there and I plan on spending at least $100 this time there for my Nephews bday.


Funny, I never heard of coupons for Lego.
I suppose with their prices, internet coupons are better than none, huh?!


OMG! I dont know why I didnt think just to order off the internet!! Whats wrong with me today:laugh:


:laugh: :laugh: glad I could help :happy:

And you won’t have to schlepp the stuff home on the plane!


You can get a discount with your annual pass at the Lego store, if you have an annual pass.