Leroy and Stitch premiere


Disney channel is premiering the new Leroy and Stitch movie tonight at 8 PM. At 7 PM they are showing to new episodes of Lilo and Stitch the series!

Very Exciting!


Aarrgghhh! And I’m stuck here on base! I can’t even go home tonight, cause I’ve got a military class in the morning! Oh well, I hope my boys record it on the DVR!


So how was it? As someone with only an antenna for her TV viewing, I’m curious!


I actually really liked it. I thought it was just as good as Stitch the movie! but maybe not as good as Stitch has a glitch. My husband thought it was pretty good too. But we’re pretty big Stitch fans around here, so I may be slightly impartial.

What I did think was very cool, was that at the end of the movie when the credits were running, they ran a scrolling column (next to the actualy credits) with all 626 experiments numbers and names. Some were pretty funny. Some, we already knew from watching the series.

All in all, I’ll still be buying it on DVD on Tuesday!


That’s neat!!! I never heard of Leroy?


Real quick synobsis,

Leroy is a new experiment created by the evil Hamster Veal, which he is cloning to take over the universe. All our favorite characters are in seperate places of the universe, having already captured the other 625 experiments and completing their job. Long story short, Lilo gets them all together to battle the evil hamster veal and his army of evil Leroys!


ahhh… I see !!! Thanks for the synopsis, I thought it was like a pilot episode and they decided to make Leroy a girl and name her Lilo instead, LOL, I need to get on the up and up!!


OOPs double post!!


Leroy was created by Jumba forced by hamstervil who took over his ship.
Leroy is a carbon copy of Stitch without some of his flufyness(as per Hamstervile)but the diference is Leroy is red. and they captured all the other experiments but they were only 624. also experiment 625 the sandwich maker gets a neme Reuben(like the sandwich).Sorry just a corection and to add a bit to it.


Sorry Spawn,

I guess my synopsis was TOO brief, and a little generalized. It was kind of hard to follow the entire plot with DD asking 3 questions at every scene!:pinch: My bad!


No problem PrincessPoohi had the movie tivoed last night and watched it on my own pace …lol


oh i didn’t know they are premiering it. are they going to show it again?


For some reason, I think I remember seeing it on the TV schedule for Tuesday…either disney channel or toon disney…I’ll check it out for you and let you know, tragic.


oh thanks princesspooh. i appreciate it. it would be so nice to see it on TV before buying it on DVD. that way, i know it will be worth the money spent. thanks again.