Les chefs de france


looking for inputs for this over in epcot, for dinner,3 adults 1 child


I will be excited to read this, too. We have never eaten there, but have ADR’s for our upcoming trip. My husband says he is most excited about this one.


we were trying to find something new…what about the garden grill…


The food here is very tasty. It isn’t as good as the restaurant upstairs, Bistro di Paris, but, definitely a good choice as far as Epcot goes. I enjoyed the Onion Soup. The Escargots was nothing special, but, they were tasty. My wife enjoyed the scallops and shrimp. The filet with pepper sauce was good.


We enjoyed our meal here back in 06 enough to go again this August.
I don’t remember many details but it really had us all wanting to come back again.


Never actually eaten here myself but I have heard rave reviews about it and it does always look busy - so that must be a good sign?!


We went back in 07 and it was really good. it was very busy in there though and the space was kinda tight in there… that was my only complaint. As far as the garden grill goes…that is one of out favs. The food and atmosphere are good and in my opinion the garden grill is better if you have a child with you.


Ate there once, and it wasn’t anything special.


It was DH’s pick for our November trip…I hope it’s good!


We went back in '07 and it was the best meal with the best service that we had during the trip. We don’t like to repeat restaurants on back to back trips, but I think we’re going to make an exception.

For comparison sake, we also ate at Garden Grill on the same trip and was disappointed. The difference in food quality was pretty extreme.



We loved this when we went last October and I enjoyed it when I went several years ago. We’ll be returning for our trip in January. It’s on my list of fave meals from our last trip along with Le Cellier and Chef Mickey’s (character interaction, not necessarily food). Highly recommend!


Have you checked out allears.net? Here are the reviews of that restaurant.
AllEars.net Review Page - Chef’s de France - Lunch/Dinner - Powered by ReviewPost


We just ate there and the food was pretty good. I had the Noix de Saint Jacques et gambas sautees Flan d’epinards, sauce a l’oseille which is sauteed scallops and black tiger shirmp served with spinach flan and sorrel sauce. Really good. My wife and kids had good meals too. I can’t remember what they ordered but I know there weren’t any complaints.


^That’s exactly what I ate and loved it. :slight_smile: The lobster bisque is wondeful too.


the french restaurants are excellent,the service is great but for me ,and I have eaten in both…downstairs is my preferred spot les chefs,why more casual upstairs is to formal and stuffy and I don’t go to disney for either,but the food is great at either