Less than 20 days? EEK!


So I have been so consumed with worrying over the details of next year’s big family trip and the NKOTB cruise I am going on in May, that I have barely thought or talked about my quick WDW coming up in March. I realized today that it is less than 20 days away! :ohmy:

Anyway, here are the outlines of our plans:

DATES - Sunday, March 14 - Thursday, March 18

RESORT - We will be switching resorts midtrip for the first time ever! I tried to get 4 nights in a value studio at AKV so we could just use points, but that was not available. We ended up taking advantage of the room only discount they are offering for two nights at the Boardwalk and then we will move to two nights in a savanna view studio at Jambo House.


SUNDAY, MARCH 14 - We are flying JetBlue from Boston, arriving around 2:30. We will take ME to the Boardwalk, check in and then go grab something to eat at ESPN Club. Then we will walk to EPCOT for a relaxing evening in the World Showcase. I WILL remember to try the Grey Goose or Gran Marnier slush in France this trip! After Illuminations, we will maybe hit up Jellyrolls since we are staying at the Boardwalk.

We would love to eat at Le Cellier this trip but I was unable to get times that would work with the rest of our plans. Do you think it would be worth it to try walking up when they first open for dinner or just stick with our ESPN Club plan?

MONDAY, MARCH 15 - This is our full EPCOT day. We will grab breakfast at either the Belle Vue Room or the Boardwalk Bakery and walk over to EPCOT. We’ll do Furture World first and then make our way back towards World Showcase. We have a late lunch ADR at Chefs de France. Planning to use the DVC 20% lunch discount there. We’ll spend another evening in World Showcase and then back to the resort.

TUESDAY, MARCH 16 - Our nonpark day. We’ll check out of the Boardwalk and see if they can transport our bags to AKL. We are going to see the Red Sox play the Astros in a Spring Training game at Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee. We are planning on taking a taxi or hiring a car service. Any suggestions would be recommended. The cheaper the better! We will spend most of the day at the game, head back to WDW in the evening and check in at AKL. We have dinner reservations at 7:45 at Raglan Road. My dad LOVES this place and my understanding is that they have their St Patrick’s Day entertainment on St Patrick’s Day AND the day before. I will likely leave my parents at Raglan after dinner and head to WOD for some shopping. My dad can spend all night at the Raglan bar listening to the music.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 - Our Magic Kingdom day. We have breakfast reservations at Boma and then we will probably walk over to Kidani to look around before heading to the MK. We own at Kidani and my had has not yet seen it. We’ll spend the day in MK and then jump on the monorail for dinner at Kona. After dinner, we’ll head back to the MK for some more rides and Wishes.

THURSDAY, MARCH 18 - Our last day. We’ll check out in the morning, check in for our flight and grab breakfast at the Mara. Then we will head to the Studios, do a few things and grab lunch at Mama Melrose. We’ll head back to the resort and grab ME for our trip back to the airport. Our flight is at 9:00 pm back to Boston.

That’s it! Short and sweet but it will be nice to get away for a few days!


Sounds like lots of fun!
I’m soooo jealous, you get to leave our wonderful MA weather, I think it going to rain/snow till March!
Have lots of fun and soak up all the sun you can. And please,please,please bring some warm sunny days hame with you :happy:


Sounds FANTASTIC!!! what if you rented a car for one day???
Have a great time…
Go Red Sox!!


Your plans sound so good- and only 20 days to wait!


Have a wonderful time. We, too, are spliting our stay, so I will be curious to see how it goes with you. I keep reading more and more about Raglan Road, thinking this may be one to switch one of our dinners to. So, will be awaiting your trip report when you return, as we will be leaving for Disney very soon afterward.


We thought about renting a car for a day but one of the things we all enjoy most about WDW vacations is that once we get into the cab leaving our house for the airport, we don’t have to worry about getting ourselves anywhere - no more driving for us! Maybe it is because driving up here in Boston is so unpleasant, but we really enjoy a vacation where someone else does the driving! LOL So we were thinking we would just do a taxi or hire a shuttle.

Have people used Mears or Quicksilver for something like this? Just a day trip off property? I’d be curious to hear how others have done it.


We are also thinking of splitting up our trip in Sept between two DVC Resorts so I asked DVC how it works with the baggage and they told me that all you have to do is take your luggage to the front desk and they will handle the transfer to the other resort.


I have never done a split stay myself but planned a trip for my cousin and her family a while back and they did a split stay and said Disney was fabulous about moving their bags for them.


Sing with me: “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to gooooooo…”