Less then 10 days


Finally I have been planning this vacation since February. My girlfriend and I are leaving for Disneyworld on Aug. 30 until Sept 6. and staying at the fabulous Poly. I stayed their several time with my family, and once with my girlfriend , we love the place.
From information that I got off of this forum and other dis sites and my experience from going to Disney several times has helped me put together 8 wonderful and memorable days.
The first thing that I did was apply for the Dis Visa back in March and was able to get the Dream Maker Package , of 4 nights for the price of seven. (I wasn?t sure, if that discount was going to better then future discounts that come out for example the: room only, AP, fall discounts etc., as it turned out that the visa package worked out to be the best, so I made the right move)
Then I booked the airfare $260 roundtrip (not bad from Newark, NJ to Orlando and coming home on Labor day)
Since I got the main reservations out of the way, now came the fun part, planning all the PS?s and activities.
Oh ye we also decided to use Quicksilver for our transportation (don?t feel like waisting time dropping people off at all the different hotels, with mears) I feel the time we will save is worth the extra money. Plus my girlfriend wanted to take a ride through the town of celebration, and Greg agreed to let us take a quick ride through the town of Celebration in lew of our grocery stop.
Monday Aug 30: Check into poly 10:45 hopefully they have room ready for us in Fiji 3rd floor.
Go to MK go on PCB, Hunted house. Then 1 o?clock PS for lunch at the castle (we like the lunch a lot better then dinner, i love the filio dough stuffed dish)
Hang out MK some more then back to poly go into the pool
Dinner ???
Wake up kind of late get some rest, go to Animal Kingdom, check out Animal Kingdom Lodge, Lunch and dinner ??? ( I like to get Animal Kingdom out of the way early because I only like 3-4 rides their)
Wednesday (long but fun day)
Tonga toast for Breakfast
Segway tour Epcot
Lunch Electric umbrella
Early dinner: Japan Teppanyaki
Late dinner: Rose and crown, hopefully get to sit on patio and watch show
Back to poly and pass out
Thursday ( big day)
Breakfast at the castle for the princess breakfast
Couple massage at GF
Go on motor boats at poly
Big Surprise ( Rent Grand One Yacht for dinner fireworks cruise to propose to my girlfriend) ye a bit pricey but it’s a once in a life time thing.
MGM studios
Lunch Sci ? Fi
Rest of day ???
Up very early Train tour at MK
Hang out at MK
Defiantly eat at Peco Bills (love their fixing bar)
Go to pool at poly
Character breakfast at Poly
Lunch at Castle again.
The rest of the day, see what we missed and eat ???
Probably go to pool at Poly I love the water slide.
Monday (last day very sad)
Go to Mk early go on Jungle cruise it suppose to re-open Monday and go on a few more of our favorites rides.
Then back to poly and to airport .
Then home back to work and dealing with pain in the butt students and administrators for the next 10 months and graduate classes.
Well this is a schedule of what I have planned for my vacation. I can’t wait to go, especially because I just had a minor surgery and it still hurts and I should be totally recovered by the time we leave, it will make the vacation even more special.
I didn?t write this to brag , I wrote this so others might get some ideas such I did from the posts on the forum. Thanks to everyone for all their posts and help.
[Countdown=August 30, 2004 7:30:30 AM EST;Off to Walt Disney World;RED]Countdown to my next WDW Trip![/Countdown]


Sounds great! Have fun! And good luck with your proposal…how romantic :wub: :heart:


I have about 7 days left I tell u what this was the longest countdown ever since we came back last Sept. My son asked if we could go back So I have been planning it for a year wow now there are 7 days left. I just called Mouseketrips to book a cruise for next year. Time for a new countdown


Well I will tell you one thing your stay is going to full. Good Luck on the proposal. And just so you know I didn’t see it as bragging, it seems like you and girlfriend are going to have a blast. Don’t forget to do a Trip report when you come back we all want to hear about your stay.

Have fun and go with the flow.


Thanks for the good luck on the proposal.
It will be a full vacaion but we worked in some free time.