Let me here your cruise expertise


Hello folks, I wanted to cruise as soon as we could, but
Helena and family will be off to Brazil in July. All ten children
and thier children going back home for Helena’s fathers
100th birthday!:ohmy: I will stay home with the cat!:laugh:
So, she will not have any vacation time until December '09.
I am looking at a Christmas cruise or close to it day wise.
I would love to board out of Boston but the choices are slim.
More than likely it will be in the Caribbean for seven days.
Two of the things we will be looking for is quality of food and
"stuff" for da boys to do. I love my family dearly, but I need
more room than the ones down in the bowels of the ship. It
will be some kind of suite. I will be looking at ALL cruiselines.
So, let me have it Da good, Da Bad, and Da ugly!:laugh:
I thank you kindly!


I have only cruised on Carnival and only to the caribbean because I LOVE IT!! I have nothing bad to say about Carnival!