Let the discussion begin


new smoking policy on cruises …no smoking on verandas…oh by the way I do not smoke but I am a tolerant person live and let live type of guy


Is this on all cruise lines? We’re on RCCL next month and as far as I know smoking is still allowed on their balconies. (I don’t smoke).


Llama - they sent out an email saying smoking has designated areas but the balcony of your stateroom was no longer one. I don’t know why to be honest. Unless balconies are shared.


I don’t smoke and I don’t “cruise” but could it be that the balconies are so close together that the smoke would drift easily to your neighbors balcony? —kind of like walking out of an office where everyone is outside smoking and walking through it…

I am allergic to smoke, however, I think as long as I am not around it-those smoking deserve someplace to smoke!


OK - this policy applies only to DISNEY cruise lines. That was my question - was this a new policy applying to all cruise lines - so evidently not. We’re on a Royal Caribbean cruise next month and there has been no change in their policy. I wish there had been. Glad Disney has changed their policy.

Smallworld - that’s exactly what does happen. If you’re downwind of a smoker on the balcony next to you, you get the full blast of that smoke. Many cruise lines are changing. Unfortunately Royal Caribbean isn’t one of them at this time. It’s bothered me a time or two - nothing major - and it’s been my experience that most smokers are very considerate. I’ve been on my balcony when someone has poked their head around the partition and asked “do you mind if I smoke?” Of course I always say - no, no go ahead - because I’m polite that way.:happy: Unfortunately, if you’re unlucky enough to get a stateroom next to those who aren’t so considerate, you don’t spend a lot of time on your balcony.

We were on a cruise once and the man next door smoked - he was a super nice guy and very considerate, but every morning I would hear him on his balcony coughing like he’d cough up a lung. It wasn’t his smoking I minded - it was my worrying about his health that bothered me.


Yes, I was waiting for this to pop up. I don’t think they should be able to smoke on the verandahs. Just like at WDW, everyone else on their verandah/balcony will be down wind. Passengers are able to smoke in designated areas only just like at WDW cept you are on a ship. I do not see the issue with this, but am getting a huge kick out of the idiots on the DIS boards…lol


We are non-smokers, and we are fairly tolerant of those who choose to smoke. On our last cruise (RCI) our balcony neighbour smoked, and occasionally the smell would come over our side- but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t live with.
I have read on another forum this debate about the Disney cruise line banning smoking on balconies and wow, has it kicked up a storm!
Live and let live we say- as long as no one is taking serious advantage of another’s tolerance and consideration- then no real harm is done.


May I say that some of those people are discussing this situation in a very un-Disney-like manner.:laugh:


the way I see it is I lived in what would be considered the golden age…you could drive your car,do what you wanted legal of course,go to a theme park and had the common sense not stand up on a ride or just get in line and wait,eat what you felt like,get on a plane and just go where you wanted,oh and also send your kids to school and learn and not be analyzed and told why they can’t be taught,…today coffe is good,but coffee is bad…red meat good red meat bad,pasta good ,pasta bad,fish good but fish bad (mercury)…and now the fast pass plus…I will reserve judgement until I actually need to use it which will not be until next april…but I do long for the olden days