Let the FUN begin


Today was my last day of work before vacation:laugh:So in less than 48 hours I will arrive in sunny Florida:cool:…But of course a few hours ago my son got bit by a friends dog (nothing serious, broke the skin a little). So I call our MD and ask for antibiotics figuring if it gets red and infected I’ll be gone for 12 days and up the creek if you know what I mean:ohmy:

Script called in and figures it will need refrigerated…for the next 10 DAYS:ohmy: And of course we are staying at POP and they don’t have fridge in the room. BUT have no fear…I called and they will be supplying me one (at no charge:blush:) for the medication. Man I love Disney!


Just one more reason to LOVE Disney and the great magic they supply.


Seriously their customer service is awsome! I hope the magic continues throughout our entire vacation!


Whoohoo! Excited for you and so glad you’re taken care of with a fridge.


Make sure you have something to keep the meds cold for a while after you arrive at Pop. We requested a fridge for ds’s insulin. Wasn’t in the room when we arrived. Called. They said they would deliver it. An hour later, called again and they said it would be another 45 minutes. Then it takes time for the fridge to get cold. Just want you to be prepared if you have the same situation happen to you.


Sorry to hear about your son, but I’m glad he wasn’t badly hurt. Hope you have a great vacation!


Nothing like starting your trip with a little extra excitement! Once when my daughter was sick before we were leaving, the Dr. gave me a “just in case” antibiotic to have on hand in case an ear infection developed from her sinus issues. When I told him we were leaving for Disney, he changed the prescription to a medication that did not require refridgeration for exactly that reason. I think in some cases they have a few different options for what they can prescribe, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. Since you already have the medicine, I’m glad Disney was able to come through with the fridge for you. Hopefully your DS will not be affected by the bite and you won’t even need it, but you were certainly smart to be prepared for the worst! Hope you have a fabulous trip!!


Always excitement around here. Same son now is complaining of a stomachache. Haven’t even started the antibiotics yet. Please oh please don’t let him get sick the day before we leave!! Pixie dust please!


I bet its just the excitement of the trip. Once you are on your way, all butterflies will go away. Have a wonderful time!


so excited for you ( and jealous too) have a wonderful time, and a TR please for all us lacking some Disney Magic in our lives :slight_smile:


There seems to always be issues right before leaving on a trip! I hope you have a great time!


I hope DS feels better. Have a great trip!!!


I’m sure he’ll be fine - probably a combination of the bite and excitement. Always something! Have a wonderful trip!


Picked up Ds from school since he was complaining of a stomachache. We took a 2 hour nap and he seems ok. I do think he’s just excited! I will do a tr when I get back…heads up same Ds has a black eye from baseball practice Saturday. Boy that kid sure is accident prone :slight_smile:


Have a wonderful time and I hope everyone feels great before you leave!


Hope you have a wonderful trip, I hope your son is better super Disney quick!


Boys are in bed and feeling better! They are so excited!


Have an awesome time, cant wait to see a TR:pirate:


Have an awesome trip!!