Let The Memories Begin


Guess this is going to be the new thing for next year. They’ve already started some promos on it…

Let the Memories Begin | Disney Parks

U.S. Military Can ?Let the Memories Begin? in 2011 with Special Offers at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resorts Disney Parks Blog


With park tics being this low we’re now adding 4 days of WDW to our South, East, North, Midwest 3 week trip and bringing the cat along can anyone recommend good pet-friendly accomodations as close to the gates as possible. Wish Disney would allow them in the rooms onsite :crying:


Didn’t Disney just open an on-site pet hotel? I thought so, let me see if I can find info on it.


Here is the link:
Pet Care Kennels | Walt Disney World Resort


I ordered the 3 day base online and upgraded to hoppers at the gate, FL Res I paid $676 for 3 adults and 1 child ticket. They start the 3 day hopper for $99 the day I get back, it would have only cost is $396. Oh well. I had to go this weekend or wait till next summer. Next summer I would like to go for at least 6 days so we might just buy an SoG package.


Not bad that the 4day PH ticket for us retired military folk only went up from $125 to $138 from last year.


I kinda like the ‘Let The Memories Begin’ line. You can only resuse the words ‘celebrate’ and ‘magic’ so many ways! :laugh:


I’m glad it’s still being offered to retired. This was the first year Sea World did not offer their special to retired.


Thanks for the link. I looked into that since we usually stay at SoG and they adhere to the WDW no pet policy but since this is an extended trip we wanted him to stay with us. 100% indoor cat with no other pets in “his” world, lol.

Another MBer recommended Sunspree. Looking for several options in case of non-availability. Can’t book till spring for July and all dates have to line up frm LA to there to Myrtle Beach through TN to northern OH then across to west IN and back down through MO/AR to LA. I’m starting my research now:wacko:

P & R I can def handle a $13 increase in tic prices esp since it’s still way below other offers but I wish the hopper/water option was still “optional”. Bought hoppers the past 2 trips and realized we don’t really hop and may not have time for waterparks. We’ll try though. I :heart: me some Disney!!!

F~O~D I think the 3 day/$99 is for DL