Let's create an Australia pavilion at Epcot


Would there be an attraction? Movie? Would there be a thrill ride, family ride, or walk through?

How about a restaurant? What would it serve? Don’t they eat a lot of sheep in Australia?

What kind of souvenirs would there be to buy?


The Souvenirs could be boomerangs! A restauraunt serving shrimp on the barbie! And maybe a water ride!


Other souvenirs could be stuffed kangaroos and koala bears (dolls)!

And don’t forget the Fosters!!


Australia would be so cool. They could have a climbing area with Koala’s in the Eucolpytus (sp?) trees and statues of kangaroos where kids could climb on their backs. Maybe they could bounce up and down. If it was done the right way, it could blend in with the Epcot World feel yet be friendly for younger children.


Yes, Yes, this would be GREAT!! :happy: :heart:


Box Jellyfish?


I think it would look cool to look across the lake and see a big Ayer’s Rock. Maybe the attraction could be inside.


It would be fantastic … we do an Aussie showcase in the US … why not have something permanent at Epcot ? Makes a lot os sense.


>>>>> xxxx <<<<<


It might fit in AK as well- could do lots of different animals there… :wink: