Let's Improve Our Company!



Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Rappaport, and I am on a personal mission to see that the entertainment world get even more interactive, and more immersive!

Being that I am currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising - majoring in graphic design, I feel that I am well on my way. Please review the following recent e-mail I sent to my career counselor :

Hi …!

You mentioned, in our previous meeting, that I might possibly be better suited for something in film. No doubt, perhaps. However, I am flexible enough in my field to work in other places - since that is what I am being trained to do. At the end of the day, I love design and art, and would actually enjoy working many places.

On the other hand, I totally understand, and appreciate the willing-ness of your department to attempt to place people where they would fit best, and where their heart lies. So…

I was toying around with the idea of “Well, what if I did actually get hired by Walt Disney Consumer Products…? What could I actually offer them?”

I have SO many ideas! :slight_smile: I truly believe that it is very important to offer up solutions as to how such a division might improve upon themselves.

Here are a few :

Last night, I was watching Fantasia on DVD, and, during the hippo ballet sequence, I thought - wouldn’t it be great if there was a documentary made (Walt Disney Pictures - Walt Disney Home Video [Consumer Products]) where we actually followed a bit of the lives of some of these wacky characters! The hippo would be a total diva, the alligators hilariously, like in the film, are always after the hippos, the elephants totally keep to themselves, and are always making fun of the rest of the crowd, etc… It would be hilarious! At the theme parks (Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide), Disney has been experimenting with interactive characters. (An audience member goes inside of a small hut, and sees Stitch on the screen. This Stitch character can talk to you, answer questions, etc… - all in character. Of course, someone is backstage with the proper controls to make the magic happen.) Heck, why not have a whole cast of these characters in similar situations, interacting with guests!

Focusing in more on the consumer products end - why couldn’t one interact, from home - (possibly with the use of artificial intelligence, or possibly with the use of a huge Disney server, with programmers behind it) - from one’s DVD player either on their T.V., or computer, with these zany characters?

At the Disney Stores, you could do themed overlays focusing on the product. I have always dreamed of audio-animatronics at the Disney Stores - to ever enhance the company’s idea of the “show”. Since kids love dressing up as their favorite Disney character, you could sell the hippo tu-tus, and capes from the alligators! This way, when they do get to the theme park, it might make the guest interaction with the characters that much more valuable.

As well, a lot of children find those huge Disney costumes quite scary. If they are on a screen, it might make for a more friendly atmosphere (not to devalue all of the work that goes into the costumed characters, though!).

If at all possible, if you feel that the previous concept is valid (and I can come up with tons more, just as exciting - if hired [not to brag, it’s just how my brain works]) enough, perhaps you can pass it on to Walt Disney Consumer Products under the following auspices :

That yourself, myself, or FIDM is not, in any way shape or form, offering this to the Walt Disney Company as an un-solicited idea with the intention of it being a creative submission, but rather, to show it as a bit of a portfolio piece, in writing, on my behalf.
If requested (or if you think it needed), I can certainly come up with further graphic representation.

Thank you very much, and please let me know what you think!


Daniel Rappaport

So, hopefully, I will be able to do so!

If you like, please check out the teaser site to the animated film I am producing - “The Toy Maker”. If you download the letter, it will detail even more of my plans for interactive magic!
Thanks so much, and happy browsing!


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :huh:

Good luck! :biggrin:


Initially thought right on little lady!


I mean, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m simply a college student and artist, I would assume like anyone else, just attempting to get his work seen, and his voice heard.

It would be fantastic if people did in fact go to my site -


and comment about improvements, suggestions, complaints, and the like.

Alas, in the end, since I am not giving up, the silver screen will no doubt be the story crux to tell all.

Thanks, and happy viewing!


You have some skill there. Very nice. Thanks for sharing that with us.


Thanks! I just want Walt’s original, magical dream to continue in whatever cutting edge way possible - and won’t sleep until it’s done. :slight_smile: Happy vacationing!