Lets Meet CP and AI







Arrival Date:


Why Disney is your dream?




Role: AI Parks and Resorts Merchandise- Merchandise Strategy

Season: Fall 2004

Residence: Puerto Rico

College/University: Turabo University

Arrival Date: (Not accepted yet, I will know in may 14)


Why Disney is your dream? Because since a kid, I wish that if I get chance to work there in a near future, all my academics learned will be very useful to the Disney Company. Also the magical world of Disney will please me with the most beautiful happiness and help me work for my sucess in my entry level career as a marketer and a merchandiser.
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Name:Matt Taylor

Role: CP Character Performance

Season: Fall Advantage 2004

Residence: The Boro

College/University: Middle Tennesse State University (Go Blue Raiders!)

Arrival Date: May 24th


Why Disney is your dream: I love to entertain and make someone’s day, and where else better to do it than the number one vacation spot in the world? The chance to make memories for tens of thousands of people these next 8 months is something I’ve dreamed of doing since I dressed up as Roger Rabbit and brought my talking Roger Rabbit with me to school in first grade for Twin Day during the homecoming week at Hazel Green Elementary.


Re: Lets Meet CP and AI

Name: Shannon

Role: Vacation Planner

Season: Fall 2004

Residence: Chicago, IL

College/University: Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago

Arrival Date: August 25, 2004

Age: 19

Why Disney is your dream? I have loved Disney since I first went there (I was 3). I have been there 7 times since then, and I enjoy it more every time. Disney in general has always fascinated me, and reading about it has become a hobby of mine. Also, being a hospitality student, I feel that Disney sets the standard in the industry. I can’t wait for a chance to learn from the masters.


I’m gonna answer this- even though I was on the programs decades ago!
Name: Natalie

Role: QSF&B

Season: Fall Advantage 2001 (yes, during sept. 11- that was the most frightening thing of my experience, cause I got a call from my mother, and my dad was stuck across the border in mexico (he sometimes works down there)- and there was no way to get ahold of him. There was also a CP at my location whose father worked in the towers.)

Residence: Raleigh, NC

College/University: East Carolina University in Greenville, NC (GO PIRATES! I BLEED PURPLE AND GOLD!)

Arrival Date: May 2001- I don’t remember the date

Age: 22

Why Disney is your dream? I wanted to work at Disney since I was 5 years old. Ask my mother, she’ll gladly tell you the story. I’m a Communications- Public Relations student, along with a Hospitality Management minor. So when people ask me what I want to do for a living, I tell them I want to be in the hospitality area so I can work with the people. I think Disney was the best experience for me, because I got to meet so many different people, and realize how I needed to speak with them because they were different from me. When I graduate, I’d really love an AI in Guest Relations!


Name: Rochelle

Role: Vacation Planner

Season: Fall 2004

Residence: Tallahassee

College/University: Florida State University

Arrival Date: August 23rd

Age: Not telling :ph34r:

Why Disney is your dream? I absolutely love Disney! When I found out they were coming to my school, I was there with bells on. I’ve had such magical vacations there and I’ve never met a bad employee. I’ve patroned a lot of places and meet bad employees often, but to frequent Disney over 10 times in my life and never recall meeting any rude employees, it must be a wonderful company to work for. I want to give back to others what I have been given. I can’t wait to be a CP. Disney…I don’t think you’re ready for me! :mickey:




Season:Fall Advantage 2004


College/University:Northeastern University

Arrival Date:May 24th


Why Disney is your dream? Every company I’ve even wanted to work for is or was either owned by or affiliated with Disney. Plus it’s Disney! I can advance my carreer and have fun at the same time!


Welcome to Disney Central Rachel!


Thank you!!


Yo Rachel, welcome, and way to get in on the college program Fall Advantage! Means I’ll be seeing you VERY soon since we check in on the same day! Aw yeah (throws up high 5 and one on the rebound). Come May 24th, Vista Way is gonna rock. See you there.


Oh Vista Way is gonna be crazy! I’m so glad I get to do the Fall Advantage, I’m taking a month out of my vacation to start my co-op early just for those extra two months in Disney! I just want to get down there already!


Name: Constance

Role: Housekeeping

Season: Fall Advantage

Residence: Houston , TX

College/University: HCC

Arrival Date: May 26 :happy:

Age: 19

Why Disney is your dream? I 've always loved disney. this is just a big push to get me to where i plan on being :angel: :mickey:


[B]Name: JoEllen a.k.a. Jo or Joey

Role: Custodial

Season: Fall Advantage

Residence: Southampton, NJ

College/University: Kean University ( I want to transfer out of there after WDWCP)

Arrival Date: May 26th

Age: 22

Why Disney is your dream?[/B] Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be part of it all… Always wanted to be Cinderella, and now I am… hand me the broom Mr. Bossman Mickey


Hehe…also alumni…but I’m gonna answer anyway!

Name: Laura

Role: QSF&B (Plaza Pavilion, baybay!)

Season: Spring 2003

Residence: Annapolis, MD

College: Anne Arundel Community College

Arrival: January 24th 2003, I beleive…

Age: 20

Why Disney is your dream? I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of Disney…hard core for Pooh Bear probably since the day I was born. I just saw the sign for the CP that one day in October and fell in love! It had been ten years since my last trip to WDW anyway…I was certainly eager!


JoEllen! Welcome to Disney Central!! Listen- my friend is going to be a management intern in custodial at MK. If you get placed there, watch out for him yo! He’s nice enough…but sometimes overbearing- he wanted to date 4 out of 5 of my roomies while we were down there! But if you want to know details- PM me!


If you have AIM, Im me sometime, my screen name is WonderJoWoman


Name: Andy

Role: Quick Food and Beverage

Season: Fall 2004

Residence: Irvine, CA

College/University: Orange Coast College

Arrival Date: August 25

Age: 19

Why Disney is your dream? What a big question. I have loved Disney all my life. I am just 20 minutes from Disneyland in Anaheim and am a season pass holder and try to go at least once every 2 weeks if not once a week. I own all the disney films and collect them. Disney has been my life ever since I have been born. and alot of my friends have said that this has been the greatest opportunity for me since I have been in love with Disney and that I will be perfect.


Name: Samantha

Role: Housekeeping

Season: fall 2004

Residence: Chicago,IL

College/University: Columbia College Chicago…but if I like Florida like I know I like Florida I might consider transferring to Florida A&M University Fall 2005

Arrival date: August 30th…taking EXTREMLY TOO LONG

Age: 18…but I will have a birthday while at Disney (Oct. 22) All my Fall people I will be throwing a party so be there…lol…Also trying to go to Miami for B-day…Fingers are crossed

Why Disney is my dream: Disney is my dream for many reasons. One being the fact that my parents had an UGLY divorce when I was younger which pretty much diminished any family trips to WDW! I only been once and when I went it rained the whole trip which forced us to be stuck in the hotel. I never really had the type of parents who took yearly trips to disney and I really dont have any great memories there. My time there I hope to make new memories and friends so one day I can tell my kids about them.


was the audition for the character role hard? is there any tips that you could give me :mickey: any info would be appreciated that you for your time and have a nice day


Welcome to DC WonderJoWoman