Let's try again: Soundgod's Fireworks Videos


I’m trying a different hosting site for my videos. Instead of BigUploads.com, I’m now trying Mooload.com. It seems to be a little more user friendly. Here are links for IllumiNations, Wishes, and Remember. They are all very large files and I’d strongly suggest you have a high speed connection if you want them. Even so, they can take up to an hour to download. Below are the links.




Fantasmic Disney-MGM


Fantasmic Disneyland


IllumiNations:Peace on Earth


These links will take you to the download page for each file. When you get there, scroll down and find the download link in the middle of the page. Either left click and let the file download, or right click to “save target link as”. If you download with left click, remember that once the media player opens, under the file menu, you need to “save as” in order to keep a copy.
Please report any problems, comments, etc as soon as you can so I can make things right. Take the time, I promise you it’ll be worth it.


Downloading as we type!

Thanks…will report back once I watch them…which could be tomorrow.


Got my fingers crossed. If these work better than the last attempt, I’ll be putting up the two Fantasmics and the rare, IllumiNations:Peace on Earth. Hopefully, one of you will have good news by 10 PM eastern.


Soundgod, Wishes is downloading as I type this! And I would absolutey LOVE the holiday version of Illuminations!!! I hope this all works out!!!

I’ll let you know how it goes!!! :wink:


I’m doing the Fantasmics first, but I still need to convert them.


Downloading now…


Well, it looks like it’s working this time. Time to add the Fantasmics. I’ll be editing the top post with the links as soon as I have the files uploaded. And somebody please tell me if they’re having any problems downloading. Remember, the Fantasmics are going to be even larger files, over 135 mb each, but worth the time and space…


I’ve just tried downloading IllumiNations and had an eror message: The requested site is either offline or could not be found.

Any ideas?



Just downloaded all three. Great videos.

I can’t wait for the Fantasmic ones.

This will fill the time until we get to see them ourselves in a few weeks!


It’s possible that someone else was downloading that file. I don’t know how many parallel downloads they allow, but it can’t be more than two at the same time. Just try again. Also, you could try to copy the link, close the open browser, reopen the browser, and paste the address into the address bar while you cross your fingers. OK, the fingers won’t help, but it might take your mind off wondering if you’ll hit this time. Your average download times are probably going to be in the 50 minute range.


Fantasmics are now up too, see the links in the top post.
Download times for Fantasmic are around 90 minutes.
I’ll be converting IllumiNations:Peace on Earth and uploading that in a few hours.
Finally, I’m going to see where my 2003-04 MNSSHP fireworks video is and might add that as well.


They are great Soundgod! I need to find a way to convert them from wmv to mp4 (got a mac). Any ideas (I guess I can get the spring for the pro version of QT)?

Anyway…they look and sound great…good job!


Don’t make me convert them and upload them again.
I use Vegas and have the choice of most mainstream video formats but settled on WMV for some reason I can’t recall, probably because I figured everyone has Windows Media Player. If this is a real problem for more of you, I’ll have to do something I guess. Tigger, how were you able to play what you’ve got?
I did find something that might be useful on Microsoft’s website. It’s called Windows Media components for Quicktime. This is a description:
With Windows Media® Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac™, you can play Windows Media files (.wma and .wmv) directly in QuickTime Player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser.


Please don’t convert them on my account…I downloaded the Flip4Mac and it worked great.



Like I said, I’d try to find a solution. At one point I did render IllumiNations as an MP4, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I also was partly expecting other Mac complaints after I saw yours, if only because 5% of DC probably use Macs, mirroring real world Wintel-Mac ratios. I’m sorry, I just didn’t think about Mac users to start with.


happy squee


At some point in the next day or so I will add the 2003-04 MK Halloween fireworks. I’m going to take the lack of feedback as most of you are downloading and viewing with little problem. I’m hoping to be able to get up to WDW in the next few months so I can get the Inferno Barge in action and to add another shot to Wishes. Of course I plan to be up for Halloween, and if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get two nights of that to add to last year’s, assuming it’s the same show.


Hey, are any of you having problems or are you all downloading and are just too stunned to post comments? Please, I didn’t do all of this for my own pleasure, well ,yes I did, but…
I need to have feedback on this work so I can improve it, or know that I’ve hit it out of the park on the first shot.


I’m doing a thread bump. Here comes a warning. The files will only stay on the server as long as files are downloaded once in a 2 week period, and I don’t want to upload that whole mess again. Does anyone have any comments or reviews?


Hi Soundgod

These files are great. Thank you ! They really bring the magic home.

Have you done any work on the parades at all. Coupled with your Fireworks they would make a wonderful collection ?