Letter from Mickey Mouse


We are heading to Disney World August 2012 and our 8 year old son has never been and we were thinking he would think it was so neat to get a letter from Mickey Mouse. Because all he keeps telling us is he does not care what we do when he goes to Disney he just wants to meet Mickey Mouse! So does anyone know of a website that does them??


Welcome to Mousebuzz! and oh what a lovely idea! Sorry I can’t help but I am sure there will be someone who can. The other alternative is maybe do one yourself (as Mickey of course) and post it ahead to be collected at the resort by your son? I have picked up mail from check in before now-
let us know if you find any company who will do it.


Welcome to here. If you would like, I can send him a post card next week when I am there. PM me your address and his name if you think this will work.


Welcome to MB!! Boss you are very kind to offer that. Yes, That is a great idea. There are a few of us going next week and I am sure all of us would not mind doing that. I would off the same if you would like.


Are you staying on property? I am sure guest services at your resort could hook you up in some way.


Welcome. I’m an Entertainment Coordinator for WDW. When you and your family arrive, whatever character help/information you’ll need, please message me. Will help in any way I can :biggrin:


You could help mickey out and write them yourself too. Maybe get some great WDW scrapbooking paper from the craft store and just type the letter up. I am certain you can find a mickey signature in google images to clip and paste. Address it to your house to your son…done deal!


Thank you everyone for you’re help and advice I really appreciate it, we are trying to make this the most memorible experience!! :mickey: I have grown up going to Disney every year so my husband and I cannot wait to share this wonderful experience with my step-son in August!


Another suggestion: You can get Walt Disney world postcards (they sell them in packs by theme) by contacting

Walt Disney World merchandise mail order
Telephone: 407-363-6200
Fax: 407-352-6369
Email: wdw.mail.order@disneyworld.com

You could send a postcard a month leading up to the trip on top of letter from mickey. Look into Disney florists and consider having a welcome package/basket in your room when you arrive from mickey. I did a nemo themed one for my daughter and my friend had a star wars one sent for her son. …HUGE surprise and loved by both. They will decorate your room and do all sorts of fun stuff to make your trip as special and as magical and you can imagine.


I stilk have the postcard Dana sent to my ds as Mickey Mouse. He was so excited!




I just saw on a facebook post from couponing to disney:

"I have very exciting news. Disney World will also send you an autographed picture when you write a letter to the following address:

Walt Disney World Communications
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040

We wrote a letter to Cinderella and received an autographed 8×10 colored picture within 2 weeks."


I saved the link to my cp. Woohoo Autographed pics.


Another option might be to download a Disney font and do a letter you could also add a mickey letter head and a mickey signature. :mickey:

Welcome to mousebuzz:smile:


You guys are the best!! Hope this will be a Disney trip we will never forget!! I have bought personalized backpacks with everything needed for a Disney vacation for both our kids (obviously our 12 month old won’t understand…lol) from Disney beach towels to the lanyards with pins for Christmas!! We are so excited!!


Have a great time! Be sure to get the “1st trip” buttons when you check in or at MK!!