Letters from Mickey Mouse


Okay, I know that it is a long time from now but my son is so excited about going to WDW. We have a HUGE countdown poster in his room that has how many months / weeks away till our trip. He was so excited the other day and wrote Mickey Mouse a letter. We put it in the mail box and away it went. He stood at the door and watched the postman take his letter that we worked so hard on coloring…

Is there somewhere that I can go to get Mickey Mouse to send him a letter? I told him that maybe Mickey Mouse would leave him a present on his bed when we went to WDW since he wrote him a letter.

I was just wondering if I could go somewhere online and order him a letter/postcard or something that would come from Mickey Mouse…



I’m really curious too!! I love this idea!!


I’m sure you could type a letter or something from “Mickey” and and put it in an envelope yourself. How old is he? Could you sneak it by him? You could use a really creative font.


we have postcard pixies in chitchat … but your post count is still to low to get there … maybe someone going soon will offer up one … tell ya what I will jump over there and point out this thread .


Try Presentations: Gifts of a Lifetime, Inc.

they may have something you like. I believe they can send a post card signed my the big cheese himself.



ok I posted in postcard pixies :slight_smile: I am sure someone will get in touch with you …its free :slight_smile: and something we love doing.


Thank you guys. I will check into this…


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I can send one, how about a letter and a few maps of WDW enclosed, so he can plan his trip? I can use a disney font. Just PM me the info and let me know what he sent to mickey. Then I will mail it from LBV.



Where do I find it? Is it an old thread or something.


:heart: :heart: :heart: I knew someone special would jump in and help out here !!!

ak172 you can not see Chitchat till you reach 100 post and that is where the postcard pixie thread is … it is the first thread in chitchat once you get there :slight_smile:


Perhaps u can write the letter and mail it to your house…


p.s. dont worry Sandanv1 is safe :slight_smile: she has my address grin


I thought about this but the problem is that if I were going to do it for my child I would do it for my sister’s two children and they would notice that the stamp said Amarillo that the post office puts on it…


Thank you so much. I sent you a PM. What amazing people that are on here.

Thank you


I just have to tell my favorite story about being a postcard pixie … a couple of year ago I sent one for a little girl from Ariel … when the little girl got to WDW and say Ariel in person she had her postcard …and Ariel told her “I remember sending you that” boy that felt so wonderful!!!


If I’m not mistaken the mail sent from WDW is postmarked Lake Buena Vista. So be prepared, I will mail from WDW to all the kids. We Pixies love aiming our dust at kids:wub:


I am new and was looking at some of the posts… one thing that I know you can do as I did it when we went last november and I am doing it again when we go in 54 days… You can send a package to yourself at the resort. You just put your name, the dates you are there and your reservation number on your package… and send it to the hotel. They will deliver it to your room the day you check in or they will hold it for you. Last year me son was almost 3 and all he talked about was stitch and getting his autograph. I sent him a package with a stitch doll that i got at the disney store, an autograph book, and a stitch pen (that i really had a hard time finding), and a stitch disney money. Also, I sent him a note from mickey & friends. It was waiting on the bed for my son when he opened the door and let me tell you he was SOOO excited. You can have then leave the package in the room (unopended too) I just knew that me son would love to see it when he walked in.
We are going in September again and we have the package packed and ready to be shipped again. He is getting pal mickey this year (he is 3 1/2 and that is what he has been talking about) and a couple of pins as he is into the pin collecting. If you want info about the packages to you room just call the resort guest services. They will even do things like “mickey treats” too. My husband… the big kid loves the rice crispy mickey heads and I had one put on his pillow. They are really good about doing stuff if you just ask. Hope it helps. Kendra


That is so cool…I also was so happy when I got a postcard from Tinkerbell(Sent by Boss).That’s all I talked about for days.


the last 2 I got were postmarked Orlando FL 328 … :slight_smile: lol what is cute is one is from Nov … and one from this july, sent by 2 different postcard pixies …but the same Tinker bell postcard … I loveeeee it!!!