Letting friends Borrow the DVC


Hi All! It has been a while since I have been on, quite busy these days! We are expecting our third bundle of pure bliss and the days have been quite hard, but I have a question that hopefully you guys can help me with. Here is the background…

A friend of ours wants to go to Disney next September and her timeshare does not let her stay on Disney Property. She has RCI. So we have decided to swap our time shares for next years vacation. She is going to go in September and stay on Property and we are going to go somewhere other than Disney (No worries, we are planning to go with our newly allocated points in December 08’).

Question… Has anyone ever done something like this? Do we let Member services know that we are booking it for our friends, what happens? I do realize that they cannot book until 11 or 7 months out, depending when they decide to go, it is everything else that is foreign to me.

Thanks in advance for the help!


We rented points this past June. The person we rented from had to make the request for us and set it up… SHe gave them our address & info… they then sent the confirmation to her… she forwarded it to us. We paid her direct of course. When we checked in… they had our name in the computer for the room… and everything went great… hope this helps.


Same here, DSis and I take turns with my Mom’s/aunt’s rooms, etc and they mail the confirmation to our address and I hand it over to her for safe keeping. :blush: Our friends rented points from another friend too and it was handled the same way…just sent them the confirmation once they got it from DVC. All went very smoothly!!
IF there’s money involved (rental, etc) I wouldn’t mention that…I don’t think DVC is too fond of fund exchange between owners and nonowners. With Mom that’s never an issue, so we’ve never had it come up…just a precaution.


No money will be exchanged so that is not an issue, but I am glad to hear that this doesn’t seem very difficult or like you are decieving Disney. We are just trying to help a friend and her kids enjoy Diney the way we do


I don’t see anything wrong with renting out points. Disney has to know that people do it. Not everyone can use all of there points.