Liberty Inn?


When we were at Disney in May, the Liberty Inn was closed. Did it ever open again and what (if any) changes were made?


It’s open again,but I haven’t been in to see what the changes are.


Is the Liberty Inn the same as LTT? I just want to make sure I am not miss out on something! :biggrin:


I was just thinking the same thing Missy! I have just started major league planning for our trip and LTT is included on my list as we have never tried there as yet. I would hate it if we have lost out on something!~ I hear LTT has so many great things to offer :huh:


Is it the same thing?? Or is it the one in EPCOT? The American Adventure CS?


The CS one in Epcot is what I’m talking about. LTT is liberty tree taven at MK. Sorry to cause any worries.


You didn’t cause worries, jo-jo :heart:

Erin :heart:'s Jo-Jo.