Liberty Square Bridge Refurb


So the bridge is in really bad shape and doing 3-4 parades on it every day with those heavy floats is really taking effect. I know everytime I drive on it I’m saying a prayer.

Starting August 12th (I think) for a little over a week, the bridge will be closed for much needed refurbishment. That means no SpectroMagic for that week. What we will do instead is do 2 DDCT parades, one at 3pm and one at 7pm. The parade will have to be shortened, and the new parade route will take us from Town Square by the Barber Shop, up Main Street, around the Castle Hub and back down the Street to where it came in. Again, this is only temporary, but we’ve to get that bridge fixed before the Halloween/Holiday seasons. Just wanted to post and give ya’ll a heads up.


That’s great information for people to have Rowdy, thank you for letting us know! Glad they are keepin’ things safe for everybody.


Oh wow, Rowdy, I had no idea it was in such bad shape. Glad they will be able to get it done so quickly! Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:


Goood! I’m glad they are finally taking care of that bridge! And it’s a shame that there will be no SpectoMagic for that week, but I am soooo glad that it will be finished by the time I come down! It was cutting it close, but I’m ecstatic!!!



Get your video cameras ready gang.
Tapes of these parades are going to be rarities, especially the full parade from start to finish with the parade going up and back down Main Street.


Interesting, I was wondering how they were going to switch up the parade routes when they were fixing that bridge. Thanks for posting . . . We’ll be there Aug 15, 16 & 17 so we’ll be able to see this new parade route . . . it will be cool to see it from both sides! :happy:


Thanks for the heads up.


You can depend on Disney to keep up with things…


Thanks for the heads up Rowdy!


Thanks so much for keeping us up to date!


Thanks Rowdy for the info- it should be done by the time we get there.


Thanks for the heads up!

Just to suggest an alternate for the Spectro Parade…

The Electrical Water Parade?!

Just throwin that out there.



Thanks for the info Rowdy!
The parade is gonna be real short then isn’t it:huh:


Unfortunately. All the floats will have to be on the Castle Hub at the same time so nothing collides when going back down Main Street.


Spectromagic :[


Me tooo! :peterpan:


Wow I just learned about this here!! Maybe I’ll see you sometime at MK Rowdy!!


I plan on viewing SpectoMagic on August 29th. It seems that we will be “business as usual”. I would be interested in knowing the crowds else where during DDCT while they are staying on Main St.


this is the press release:

When major construction begins on the Liberty Square Bridge this August, Spectromagic will be getting a two week vacation. While Spectromagic will not be performing at the Magic Kingdom from August 15 to the 29, there will be two showings of the park’s daytime parade. The Disney Dreams Come True Parade will be running two performances during this time, one at 3:00pm and another at 7:00pm, on a new parade route while Spectromagic sits in the parade warehouse and awaits the completion of the work on the bridge that connects Liberty Square and Main Street.

we are there from the 17th to the 22nd, so DW is very upset she won’t be seeing spectromagic. but on a good note, we will be there in november and then april, so we will get to see it then…


Dang it I wanted to be the one to post the exact dates! :glare: :laugh: Oh well, yeah it’s true. August 15-29 is what they told us at the parade meeting today.