Liberty Tavern or Akershus


I’m trying to fill our last TS with a character meal. We already have a dinner one for CRT and a dinner one for Crystal Palace. I’m considering Liberty Tavern or Akershus. I think Akershus would probably be for breakfast b/c the lunch/dinner food doesn’t sound appealing. Any opinions on these or others?


Liberty Tree’s menu doesn’t appeal to me, but the characters are awesome.

My choice would be “Chef Mickey’s” at The Contemporary, though.


I love LTT. The character interaction is great and I happen to like the food. Just MHO!


If you are looking for quality of food, I would go with LTT. If you are looking at interaction with characters I would go with an early dinner reservation at Askerhus. We went last year at like 5:00. The food was awful, but the characters were amazing. It was little mermaid, alice, mulan, jasmine, belle, and aladdin. DD playeed ring around the mermaid with ariel, alice and mulan, They also played ariel says among other games for about an hour before we ate, because there weren’t too many other people there. It was great! The service was great, just the food stunk, mostly because I do not like seafood.


I honestly LOVE Liberty Tree, DH and I think the food is great and we’ve always had TONS of character interaction there. That is often when we get the most character photos of our trip. I usually recommend it to anyone. I LOOOVVEEE their apple butter and the turkey is just so good!


We love LTT. The food is good and the characters are wonderful. We’ve been to LTT twice and both times the characters were great with my DS. A couple of weeks ago each character came by our table 2-3 times and would have spent any amount of time with us.


Hands down on Liberty Tree Tavern. The food is so amazing. Maybe I’m a little biased since it IS Goofy’s LTT, but it’s great atmosphere and so fun.


I get nervous about eating herring and stuff like that. I think I won’t like it.



How can any American say that LTT’s menu doesn’t appeal to them…that is like saying you don’t like Thanksgiving!!

You do like Thanksgiving…don’t you Erin?



This is such a hard one for me…LTT is like Thanksgiving and Askerhus is like what we would have for Christmas Eve dinner at our house growing up.

I had to go with LTT…


I’d do breakfast at Akershus, for the Princess power alone. And isn’t the breakfast “regular” food?


Breakfast at Akerhus! Oooo, there’s an idea. Early into World Showcase… Princesses…

but my wife (exactly 2 letters more than DW and more c l e a r though less jargony) loves LTT (whoops another acronym).


They server breakfast at the parks? I need to talk to someone :pirate:



I really enjoyed dinner at Akershus. The food was really really good and the interaction with the princesses was great as well.


We have not done LTT, we jsut did breakfast at Akershus with DD sho is 6 and the food was very good, however the princess interaction was just what we were looking for.

The Kigers


We have not done LTT, we just did breakfast at Akershus with DD who is 6 and the food was very good, however the princess interaction was just what we were looking for.

The Kigers


LTT for us- we did lunch and dinner there last trip, the food (especially lunch time) was really very good- dinner food was good but small- plus a nice man squeeezed past our table and caught my plate and my whole dinner went crashing to the floor- he was so apologetic and I was so hungry!!!


Eh? :huh: Huh? :huh: What? :huh:


I voted for other, though I love the food at Akerhaus. (It’s not as alien as it may sound from reading the menu). I would recommend Crystal Palace as a character meal. Great food and great character interaction.


Another vote for LTT.

This was a great time with great food!