Liberty Tree Character Dinner?


Ok, we are considering changing around our dining to include Liberty Tree Character Dinner. We’ve never been there before and would like to have some opinions on the food, service and atmosphere. Is it worth the cost?


If you’re on the dining plan it’s only a one sit-down meal point. Sorry, but I can’t give you an opinion since we haven’t eaten there yet. From what I’ve read it sounds like a fun place to experience.

Oh, welcome to MouseBuzz! Your name and avatar are cute, too!


Thanks for the welcome…I see you’re from Jersey too!


Hello! Another fellow Jersey person here too! MY husband and I LOVE Liberty Tree, we’ve made a point to go every trip. The food reminds me of a Thanksgiving feast. It’s all served falily style at your table so nobody in your party has to leave the table. The turkey is always REALLY moist and yummy but they also offer roast beef and ham. MY favorite side is the creamy mashed potatoes and they have this apple butter for therolls that is so good! We prefer this character dinner b/c the quality of food has always been consistant to us, there are PLENTY of characters that visit your table, and I’ve never felt rushed there. We’ve had varying experiences at other popular character meals but this has been our constant.


So, you’re from Jersey also? gee, we should call this the “Everyone from Jersey, What Do You Think About the Liberty Tree tavern?” thread.

Guess all of here in NJ have nothing better to do today than be on MB because it’s so nasty outside.

When are you going to Disney?


We made ADR there for our next trip. I will let you know my 2 cents.


Yup, nothing better than putting the finishing touches on you Disney vacation on a wet, miserable Jersey day.

We are heading to Disney 9/29 - a mere 27 days and counting!

I was deciding whether to cancel Tony’s for our last day lunch and put Mama Melrose’s into that spot so I can fit in the Liberty Tree for dinner. Now I think I might just have to rearrange our dining plans and schedule in the Liberty Tree since the advice from a fellow Jersey dweller can’t be wrong. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


True words spoken from a very knowledgeable Jerseyite. Mama Melrose for lunch and Libery Tree for dinner…what a great way to spend the final day of your vacation. Where are you staying? Remember, jot down notes and take tons of pictures so you are prepared to write your Mandatory MouseBuzz Trip Report when you return.


[QUOTE=CathysCAT]Where are you staying?QUOTE]

We are staying at the beautiful POFQ - We stayed there last year as well and loved it so much we had to revisit this year!

Just called Disney REservations - they only have an 8 PM left for dinner - is it better to go earlier or later there for dinner?


Sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful time. Next year will be our 3rd visit, and 3rd resort. Just haven’t found that “we must go back to this resort” place yet. Both CBR and CSR were really nice, but we’re trying WL next time.

So, you going to get all your last minute planning done today? 'Cause I think it’s going to clear for the rest of the holiday weekend. The wind and rain have completely stopped by us.


I ate at LTT on new Year’s Eve,and it was really great!! The character interaction was wonderful,and I left really full. You will enjoy it there.


Rain & wind have stopped here too. Hopefully, no more for the weekend.

I have made my last minute dining changes so the reservations are all made -we will dining at the LTT.

Let the countdown continue…we are ready to go!


LTT is wonderful! You will really enjoy it!


I am most probably in the minority here, but I didn’t L:heart: VE it! I mean, it wasn’t BAD…don’t get me wrong. The character interaction was GREAT…and they all looked so cute in their Thanksgiving outfits. But I wasn’t totally impressed with the food. I thought it was just “OK”.
I’d NEVER say not to try it, though! Maybe I just went on an off night. :confused:


Oh, we’ll be there when you are too… but sorry, not from Jersey. (Not too far from you though…BOSTON here…) We have plans for Tony’s for our first night (the 29th) as we are attending MNSSHP and Liberty Tree was not available… I’ve heard not so good thing about Tony’s…so I’m a bit leery of it… I may keep trying for something else… I can NOT recommend Mama Melrose’s though–I was NOT impressed…thought it was very subpar for Italian food…and that’s why I’m worrying about Tony’s… If you want good Italian food…I invite you to Boston. :slight_smile:


We are planning on eating there for the 1st time in November. I have heard a great deal of positive info from friends. I think the dinner is geared around a Thanksgiving mode. So if turkey, stuffing and such is not your bag then somewhere else might be better.


DH and Dkids really loved it last trip. I thought it was pretty good–just not my favorite. Overall though, it has been added as a must do for us on our trips because they liked it that much.


Hmmm, we may take you up on that some day!:laugh:

We booked Nine Dragons our first night A) My hubby loves it and B) Survivor is playing at Eat to the Beat so it’ll work out well. After that we have the CRT for lunch, Crystal Palace, Sci-Fi, Cap’n Jacks, Liberty Tree for Dinner, Coral Reef, Princess’ Dinner in Norway, Le Cellier and Mama Melrose’s.
All are new to us except Nine Dragons, Coral Reef, Sci Fi and Mama Melrose’s.

Tony’s restaurant has a very nice atmosphere, the service is excellent and the food was good. However, the menu was limited. That’s why we decided to go with something else this year.

What resort will you be in?