Liberty Tree or Tony's?


For our trip in March, we decided to do ADR’s for fear of crowds. So I think I’m all set, when I read in another thread how magical it was to sit outside at Tony’s watching Spectromagic. So out of curiousity, I see if there is availability, and there was. Now I have two ADRs for that day, Liberty Tree and Tonys. My problem is when I read reviews, Liberty Tree gets rave reviews about the food, and Tonys does not. So, do I want to go with good food, or go with atmosphere? Your opinions are very much welcome!


Tony’s food is really hit and miss. Some people have had good results, others (like me)… not so much. Being able to time dinner around the parade can be tricky, but I’ve heard that it’s truly magical.

With that, the food at LTT is consistent, the service is typically very good, and the atmosphere is downright homey. It’s unlike an experience anywhere else in WDW. It’s unfortunate that it’s no longer a Character Meal experience, but worth it nonetheless. Ironically, it’s rarely crowded now, so you’re more likely to get special attention.

I’d take LTT over Tony’s


Problem with trying to time your ADR with the parade at Tony’s is everyone else who has a similar seating time is going to want those few patio seats to watch the parade. There is no guarantee that you’re going to get them.


I’d be worried about getting the perfect seats for the parade if you eat at Tony’s. You just know everyone else is going to want the patio seats. That being said, I’d pick Tony’s over LTT any day. I know there are mixed reviews for Tony’s, but I’ve never had a bad experience. The food has always been good and the staff is great! The last time I was LTT (February) our waitress completely ignored us through the entire meal. It kind of ruined it for me.


The problem with Tony’s is that it is massively overpriced for the quality and type of food they serve. Its Chef Boyardee with upscale italian restaurant prices. The food wont kill you, but Tony’s is by far the worst “Park” sitdown restaurant in WDW (and that includes “Coral Reef” as well). With that said, everyone else is spot on by saying that its a gamble whether or not you’ll land “patio seating” for the parade.


Tony’s doesn’t have alot of parade-view seating. It’s really just luck as to whether or not you get a table by the window. The food is only decent. I found it to be rather greasy, and it’s also overpriced.

Liberty Tree Tavern does have amazing food. Sure, there are no views, and it no longer has characters, but the food is definitely worth it. I would go with that.


Hmm this is a tough one. I have never been a huge fan of Tony’s food but on my last trip, the folks I was with raved about it. They all ordered Italian (mushroom ravioli, spagehetti, chicken parm). Having ordered Italian for lunch there on a previous trip and been disappointed, I ordered the steak which was really good.

So it may be counterintuitive because Tony’s is technically an “Italian” restaurant, but if you are used to good Italian food (the people I was with are NOT), I would say go to Tony’s but don’t order Italian. LOL


Please bear in mind that Boston is the home of some of the best Italian restaurants anywhere… so we tend to be spoiled in Massachusetts (and picky)


[QUOTE=MerlinMatt;1005943]Please bear in mind that Boston is the home of some of the best Italian restaurants anywhere… so we tend to be spoiled in Massachusetts (and picky)

:laugh: Oh, I am well aware! And in addition to having delicious Italian restaurants, I also have my mom who happens to make great Italian food, so I am extra picky. :laugh: