Liberty Tree Tavern --- MNSSHP


I’ve got a question and hopefully someone has an answer. We’re going to MNSSHP and are considering dinner at LTT. Are the characters dressed any differently that evening during the party?


I do not know the answer-but would like to know also!


yes… it is too cute- I will not spoil the surprise, but my kids loved it!!! Halloween is so much fun there!!!


OK, now I am confused. I called Member Services (we have a DVC) yesterday to change our ADR’s for the night we are gong to MNSSHP so that we were actually in or near MK park and I asked about Liberty Tree Tavern and was told that the restaurant only serves lunch. I guess I should have researched it more, but I just took the CM at her word… Am I understanding correctly, they DO serve dinner?


Yes they do serve dinner, maybe they are not taking ADRs for MNSShP party nights yet.
I am going to try to get ADRs for the 9/30 party date!


If you get them let me know, because I was looking for the 9/22 and she said they were only a lunch restaurant! I will need to call them back and change the reservation! Thanks for the information!


I’m sorry you were given wrong information, call back and talk to another CM. I’ve had to do that several times when I’ve gotten incorrect information.


Yes, they serve dinner but try to get an ADR for 5:00, this way you don’t miss any of the MNSSHP. You get a wrist band when entering the park that you are going to the party. This way when dinner is over you can start going on the rides! The characters are dressed in their colonial costumes (their usual attire at LTT) and then they have halloween costumes on over that. The food is sooooooo good and a great way to start the night. And we loved MNSSHP. Make sure you go to the dance parties. We stumbled on Stitch’s Dance Party in Tomorrowland and it was so fun!!! Enjoy!!


LTT is my favorite dinner place during MNSSHP. The restaurant offers fantastic family-style menu and a great opportunity to meet characters. During MNSSHP, not only do the characters (Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Chip & Dale) appear in their special Halloween costumes instead of their normal costumes, some of the servers and the hosts are dressed up with the Halloween theme as well. Taking pictures during dinner time at this place is a lot of fun because characters keep coming up to our table through out the dinner. =)

Because Magic Kingdom closes early for general public (those who don’t have tickets to MNSSHP), dinner reservation to LTT is only limited to those people who are attending the party. So if you try to make a reservation for LTT during MNSSHP nights, you may need to mention that you are attending the MNSSHP. Sometimes if the reservation agents don’t know that you have tickets to the event, they wouldn’t be able to make the dinner reservation. This happened to me last year when I tried to make the reservation at LTT. I didn’t mention that I had tickets to MNSSHP and got the answer that LTT only opened for lunch. When I called them again later that day and mentioned that we were going to MNSSHP, making dinner reservation at LTT was a breeze. Good luck.