Liberty Tree Tavern


Have they brought back the characters yet? I remember seeing something about it… just curious.


Rumor is that they’ll possibly be back for Fall.


don’t think so. people are going there without them, so as long as that happens what reason do they have to do so


The food was ok but without characters its just an ehh for me…


Nope. We just ate there last Saturday, and no characters. But the food was great, so we enjoyed it!


Sorry for posting this in the wrong section… I just realized. But I did call and found out that the characters are not back. :frowning:


I will not eat there again until they return. The food was OK, but we thought that was one of the best character meals we’ve had. It was so much more low-key than others. I guess, quieter, more intimate, more face time. We had one of the best Goofy’s ever at LTT.


Ive only ever ate there with the characters and loved it, I cant imagine it without the characters! The food was ok, but I think most people went for the character interaction!


I am really anxious for the characters to come back there also but my husband loves Liberty Tree so much I had to make a dinner ADR for June, even without characters. :sad: Rumor is they will be back in Fall.


Bummer dude, my little girl LOVED it last year seeing Minnie… I understand though, there just aren’t enough sit down restaurants for a park that size with that many patrons.


I see they are pushing LTT and Tony’s on the letters that the MNNSHP tix come on. Actually they have the pirate makeover info on the letter too


We have been to LTT with and without characters. In fact, the last time we went in February, the food and service was actually mediocre at best. We loved the characters, so we won’t go back until they bring them back!:frown: