Liberty Tree?


I’ve never been to the Liberty Tree Tavern at MK, but from the reviews it’s gotten it sounds pretty good. How is the lunch? We’re trying to decide between lunch there and the character buffet at CP. I don’t think we could go wrong with either, but can anybody tell me what they thought of LTT??? I have to make a PS soon!



I had lunch there in 2002 and really enjoyed it. I think we all had the Yankee Pot Roast and were really pleasantly surprised with it. It was much tastier than we expected.

I have never eaten at CP so I can’t compare but I can definitely recommend the lunch at Liberty Tree.


just to let you know its only dinner that has the characters at LTT Lunch doesnt Hope that helps My favorite is the Crystal Palace breakfast I love the breakfast lasagna there


I’ve been thinking of this place for my sister and her 3 year old in May, the Characters costumes look adorable!


We love the LTT but for dinner, we want to see the characters. CP is very good for breakfast. :mickey:


We love LTT for dinner. The food is good ole comfort food and the characters are


I ate at LTT for dinner on new Year’s Eve,and the food was really good. The characters were fun,too.