Life jackets at pools?


Do any of the pools have life jackets availible? We have a bathing suit for DD with one built into it but it’s really bulky to pack and the kid loves to swim!

I mean I can take her in the pool with me and just hang on to her but it a safety precaution around the pool too. (She’ll be 3 in a few months)


As far as I know all the pools have life vests but it’s first come first serve so you may or may not get one. What about throwing in a set of arm floaties just in case?


They have life vest at the Water Parks as well. :smile:
Walt Disney World Resort - Help - Water Park FAQ


Thanks! Great idea! I didn’t even think of that and they fold nice and flat!!


Unfortunatly we won’t be visiting any of the waterparks while we’re there…DD isn’t quite ready for that yet!! We wish! Maybe next year… oh wait… DH said no vacation next year :eek: :angry: :glare:


I just typed ‘lifejackets’ into the search engine on Allears and this comment was headlined under POR …‘One thing I would suggest is if you have smaller children who cannot swim by themselves - go to where they rent boats and ask for a lifejacket-they will give them to you for your length of stay for no charge.’
There is a lot more on there about it but it seems it’s no problem at all at most resorts. Hope this helps a little :happy:


From what I can remember life jackets are avalible near all resort pools an an idea might be to take one back to your room an keep it there for the duration of your stay just to ensure you have one. In AKL I think it was right next to the towel bin where you got them from.


Great!!! Thanks!


BTW, I believe all the resorts have kiddie pools. The one at PC was great.


Thanks all!!!


Wow… I might get it for this statement, but here I go! I work as a Paramedic and I also coach swiming for our local high school. I can’t stress how important it is to teach your kids to swim. Use of life vests in swimming pools can lead kids to a dependency and false sense of security. However, you should always have a life vest on your kids while boating or playing in water with a current. For the record, kids learn to sim very quickly. My 4 kids were all water safe by 3 years of age. Sorry, stepping off soap box…


When we were at POR, we went to the boat rental hut on the river and signed out a life jacket for the whole week. We hung it up in the shower when we weren’t using it. It was great not having to worry about it everytime we went to the pool. We just grabbed it on our way out the door, and dropped it off as we checked out at the end of the trip!


Ah, I guess you’ll need a new husband by then.:laugh:


I think so too!! :laugh:


Does anyone know if you can “check out” a small life jacket for the week at BC?

Thanks in advance! :cool: