Light up Minnie Mouse ears?


I saw an eBay auction (unfortunately I missed it) for Minnie Mouse ears, that light up! I am dying for a pair of these. It seems they were sold at the Disney Princesses on Ice Show. Does anyone know where I could possibly find a pair of these for sale???


I have never seen them before…how cute! I have mini ones that light up from the Fantasmic! show awhile back, but not ones that cute! you may have to go back and try ebay. I have never seen them in the parks. Guess they could be there now though…


I’d love the pink ones but i HAVE seen a few on eBay lately… not the EXACT same ones, but similar

goes into eBay sniping mode :ninja:


That is my first time seeing such a thing too…good luck in your search…great disney item idea!