Light weight cheap stoller


My DD will be just 2 yo when we leave for WDW. I would like to purchase a new light weight stoller for this trip but one with comfort for DD, myself (as I will be pushing her around when she is not walking) and has good storage under the seat for snacks, etc. Any suggestions??? Thanks all. :mickey:


I would look for a good USED one if it was me. T

wo reasons… (1) you can get a better stroller at a cheaper price. (2) The older strollers come with rubber tires and not plastic tires. Makes a huge difference to us.

We have a small stroller that has a small basket underneath for storage. It also has a canopy to pull up so that your DD can be in the shade. I highly recomend taking your own stroller rather than renting one at the parks.

Also, welcome to DC. I see you mastered the Countdown.


This is the one we have…we love it.


Myself and many others here on DC have loved the MacClaren Volo for Disney. Lightweight mesh seat, large basket, easy to travel with. You can get it for $50 on Ebay (new) or at an in-store sale. I got mine at the Right Start store for $49 (on sale).


I was confused with the stroller idea. I heard that the ones that you can rent are hard, with almost no storage and must get hot in the sun also. I was given some GREAT advice from a friend…

Check out

I am getting a stroller Graco Century Travel Lite Sport Stroller - $10
can you beat that deal… its supposed to have large storage (we are planning to bring a small cooler)

Just call the company to make sure that there are no recalls or issues with the stroller…

hope this helps ya…


We have a Maclaren and love it. It has all the features of the expensive umbrella strollers but less expensive. It has the sun shade, a good size basket underneath, and it reclines 3 positions. We paid I think $99 when the equivilant of the expensive brand was $160. We have brought it to disney at least 4-5 times and to the zoo a few times. It has survived heat and downpours from Wilma. Totally recommend it.

Also, the rain shield that you can buy for $15 at Babies R Us fits over it perfectly. We had ds in the stroller with the see-thru shield and he stayed bone dry.


I just got a Maclaren Quest Mod. It wasn’t cheap ($189) but I LOVE IT!!! It is my 5th stroller and I can honestly say IT IS THE BEST ONE! Sooooo unbelievably LIGHT which is so important to me! It has the single handed fold, which is awesome. It has a decent sized basket and you can push it with one hand. It also comes with it’s own custom rain cover. And it has a sunshade! THe only downside is that it doesn’t have a cup holder. But I bought the Maclaren organizer and it holds bottles of soda or water PERFECTLY!!! I haven’t taken in to WDW yet, but I am taking it to the Atlantis in 6 1/2 weeks. :cool:


This one is real handy for traveling:


We have a McClaren also and I will never recommend another stroller. I dont care that I only use it for WDW. It is better than every other stroller I have ever pushed.
Got mine for $129 at Target, best money I ever spent on a stroller.


I felt like WDW was price gouging this past winter. The stroller rental has gone up so much, and during busy times, they don’t sell the pre-paid tickets which saves some $. That being said I will never again rent- I will bring my own stroller from now on. I’m going to check out some used McClarens- they sound like they are the best!