Lightning McQueen and Power Rangers


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By chance is Power Rangers anywhere at WDW? And how about Lightning McQueen/Cars anywhere? My son who is 2 is stuck on these characters and it would be great to find them if they are at WDW.

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They are both at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and both do meet and greets!


Mater’s there too…The Power Rangers that were there two weeks ago were blue Jungle Fury, White Dino Thunder, Pink Mystic Force, Red SPD, and Yellow Operation Overdrive. If memory serves me right, I think Rowdy said that the White Dino Thunder was retiring soon to be replaced by someone else.


My son is obsessed with the Power Rangers so it is a must for us at the Studios. I recommend getting there about 15 minutes before the show time so you don’t miss them coming in on a special car. Also you can scout out where each Ranger will be so you can pick the ones your son really wants to see. I think the last time my son was able to see them all, but there is a chance you won’t if its busy. Have fun!



We tried to meet all the Rangers but only met the one (Pink), the ques are realy long for the PR, probaly the longest I have waited for a character. Great fun though :happy:


If you stop at Guest Services on your way in they can tell you exact times and locations of the meet and greets.


In January, we arrived 10 minutes prior to the 1st meet and greet of the day for both sets of characters. It was relatively slow. The PR were great and we were able to get pictures with each one. They even posed our kids so that they looked like action figures. Also, since it was not busy, we were able to get a family picture with some of the PR’s.


Ah, but are they the US Power Rangers or the Japanese Sentai? :laugh:

It would probably not only weird out, but utterly baffle, the helpers of the characters if Cubby and I met them and then started singing the theme song of the original show in Japanese… :laugh: We just finished watching the entire 51-episode series of Mahou Sentai Magiranger, plus movies, and need to finish up Dekaranger before moving on to other ones. (The series are radically different between Japan and the US, sharing only the fight scenes and some plot elements but otherwise being very much rewritten. In Mystic Force the main characters are just friends who work together and get powers, but in Magiranger they’re a close-knit family and that’s a major plot element throughout the whole series; there’s also more serious stuff in sentai, like death, romance, etc. even though it’s still a children’s show. Heck, there’s even a wedding in one of the last episodes… there’s a lot of light, cute, silly humor too, and truly dire special effects mixed with the good ones (imagine 1970s Doctor Who, AND CGI stuff, at the same time) but also more serious stuff, especially in plot material.)

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So, I guess Hollywood studios will be our home Park. LOL. Thanks so much for the info. I am going to keep it a secret from my son, he is going to be sooo sooo surprised. So if the Power Rangers are there, I am guessing they have a store with all Power Rangers stuff?

wow, I am getting so excited. We leave on Sept. 25th. yippie!


Same thing for Mater and McQueen. We saw them right after and were 1st in line to see them. Hope you have a great time.