Lights, Motor, Action Closure?


I was just on another site and they said that Lights, Motor, Action Extreme Stunt SHow will be closed 9/11/08-9/24/08. Deb doesn’t have it listed as a closure. Does anyone know anything about this? I hope it’s not, my Mom and Dad are going with me this year and never saw it.


They told us that drivers have to get recertified and go through safety training each year to do the show. So I’m thinking it is off to defensive driving chool for them in September!!:happy::happy:


I am sorry it doesn’t work out for you, but it works out great for us, since we arrive on 9/25.
My boys would be upset if this were closed!


Yep, my parents will miss it too. I read this on Mouse Savers I believe.


If it is, download my video. Links can be found in the sticky thread in this forum entitled:

or use this link and follow the download instructions:
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It does not seem to show up anywhere on official closures but I saw the same thing on WDW forums…We will be there from the 17th to the 22nd :frowning: