Lights Motors Action hero car nearly sheers off roof in scary accident today


One of the stunt cars in the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios missed its mark today and the top of the car was ripped off. In the show’s finale, the hero car jumps out of a building and down a ramp in a semi truck. In today’s performance, when the car came through the semi, the car’s roof collided with a support bar on the truck, ripping off the back half of the roof. The car came to a complete stop at the bottom of the ramp, as did the other cars in the scene. No one was injured in the incident, but the show was stopped and the theater evacuated. The Disney Blog has photos and video of the accident.

here is a link to the story and pics and video


I can very easily picture this in my mind, that’s how many times I’ve seen the show live and even more, on tape. What it sounds like is the car might have been going up the ramp to the second floor a little fast and came over the hump just late enough and high enough that it missed its mark.
Good thing this was at the end and not very much at all was cut from the show other than the car jumping through the flames and the beauty shot of all of the hero vehicles on the ramp as they replay the flame shot on the Jumbotron.
I wonder how long the show might be down due to the need to repair the main hero car or if they have a spare body to just slap on.


After looking at recordings from previous shows, and knowing a little about driving and physics. the red car was heading up the ramp a bit too fast which caused it to loft higher over the hump than usual, which made the car land higher and farther down the ramp than it was supposed to. A bit later, I’ll try to have some screen shots of what this is supposed to look like.


This happened last week sometime…at least it was posted to Inside the Magic last week…so…there may be more information available online about it now. I’m sure it’s back up and running by now…I’m just glad I didn’t witness it—it would have messed up my day for sure…worrying about the people involved.


It sure would have messed up my taping!

I don’t believe anyone other than the hero car driver could have been injured and the driver, strapped tightly into his seat and helmet firmly secured, would come out of this in very good condition. Most likely unharmed.