Lights Motors Actions


My wife and I really were not impressed with the production of Lights, Motors, Actions. We found it to be a very slow production and at times very boring. Understandibly they have to set up all the props etc… However it was very long and the actions scenes seemed to be okay at best. This is my opionion and does not reflect those of WDW.


Oh wow… I love that stunt show. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was quite action packed! :smile:


Not going to lie it did have action, however the pact piece is questionable considering the talking and blah blah blah. There seemed to be 15 combined minutes of actions and 20 combined minutes of talking. Also, I think with all the hype surrounding the production you thought it was going to be a jaw dropper.
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I haven’t gotten to see it yet! I always keep putting it off during trips–not this time I will defineatly have to make sure we see it.


Umm, well, to be honest it wasn’t one of my favorites either. I really liked all the action & tricks, those were awesome. But I was seated behind this huge support pole so my view was obstructed & none of my video came out very well. I also thought there was a BIT too much talk but I understand they have to prep in between each scene. It’s done well, it IS a great show… just not my speed. :tongue: We might do it again on a future trip but I wouldn’t cry if I didn’t.


PS: what is DWD and why would we be concerned about either here on MB?


I didn’t dig the show.


I have not seen it yet.


It was ok…I’m not gonna be bent if I don’t see it again.


It’s not my favorite. I found it loud and a little boring. I enjoy watching crazy car tricks and chases and all, but there wasn’t enough violent action for me. My favorite part is when the guy is set on fire. I love fire.

Yeah, it could definitely be more entertaining… I think they went overboard in trying to make it look like a real movie production. I might prefer a more showy, less “real” show with more action and maybe a yellow ferrari… :laugh:


we had fun, but we had won a dream, and were the “dream family” that started the show - got to be on the big screen, introduced and everything. that made it kinda exciting for us. otherwise, i won’t be sad if we skip it everytime in the future. just not my kinda thing, though the stunts were cool and it was neat to let the kids see how they do stuff like that in movies.


Lucky… my dreams have yet to come true! :laugh:


eh, it was the only one we got (officially, i still think my avatar pic is a dream -it was for my girls at least!)!


You know that is me in the middle, right?


We found it boring also. Glad we did it, but won’t be going back. We’d much rather have the residential street back, with the Osbourn lights of course.


But that’s not the theme of the park, now is it. The theme of the park is the movies and the magic and work that go into making them.
LMA has 4 stunt sequences, 5 if you count the “remote controlled” car gag. The show is 34 minutes long. Keeping with the theme of the park, they “must” explain and demonstrate in depth, how the stunts are done. It does take time to reset for each stunt sequence, so it’s not a sustained action show, but neither is Indiana Jones. The only sustained stunt show I’ve ever seen in Orlando was the old Miami Vice stunt show at Universal Studios, and they killed that in 1997. The rest are as much about showing you how it’s done as much as the stunts themselves.
For those who think there’s too much talk, consider for a moment the backlot tour or the Earthquake attraction or the late Hitchcock attraction at Universal. It was more about demonstrating how movies are made.


I was wondering the same thing Wishy.:confused:


My DH is not a fan of this either. We go because the kids like it. I don’t like the smell of burning rubber. I like the concept, though, of being on a working action movie set.

I’m sure we’ll go again in Sept. so DM and DSF can see it.


I was in the front row and really LOVED it!!! I didn’t think I would like it, but I did.


I think DWD is WDW with dyslexia. I’ve noticed Airblue uses this abreviation a few times in different threads.

DWD= DisneyWorlD?