"Lights of Winter" Retired!


Allears is reporting: “Walt Disney World announced last week that the beloved “Lights of Winter” arch that connects Epcot’s Future World to World Showcase during the holiday season has been retired. The reason given on the Disney Parks Twitter account is that the technology used for operating the lights has become obsolete.”

:frown::frown: I’ll miss it! :frown::frown:


Yeah- can’t figure that out… light bulbs are not obsolete. But, there is such a backlash that I bet they come up with something else different… Here’s to hoping anyway.


Who cares if it’s obsolete technology?! BFD!!
If they have a problem with incandescent lights as opposed to LEDs, put LED light strings on the thing for next year!
Beyond that, what? The dimmer packs and power distribution for it?
Give me a break! I know a dozen LDs (lighting designers) who could work around those problems and I also know that Disney has enough LDs on staff that this should be child’s play.



I wrote to tell him how disappointed I was and this was their response.

[B][I]Thank you for contacting the Walt Disney World Resort.

As a part of our normal course of business, we regularly evaluate and
adjust our offerings. As a result we have made the decision to retire
the Lights of Winter, the illuminated canopy along Showcase Plaza at
Epcot®, as the technology is obsolete.

Although we understand your disappointment with this change, we have
several offerings for Holidays Around The World. We hope you will visit
us as we continue to feature the nightly Candlelight Processional at
America Gardens Theatre, holiday storytellers throughout World Showcase
and a special holiday fireworks salute each night following
IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. In addition, we are pleased to
debut a lively new gospel choir, “D’Vine Voices.” The group will perform
daily Nov. 27 through Dec. 26.

Our Guests’ feedback, as well as their continued enthusiasm for our
products and services, is very important to us. We genuinely appreciate
the time you took to share your thoughts.

Yes, those other things are nice, but all those other things are only a few times a day/evening. The LOW ran for 4 (?) hrs every evening. No need to check your watch and rush or you’ll miss it.


Speaking of things that they are and aren’t doing in Epcot, I noticed last year that they didn’t do the nightly tree lighting ceremony with the character (or anyone else for that matter). Has that returned?


From what I can see, there has been a ton of feedback on this, and people are not happy… I wonder what Disney will do about it… after all, we are paying for it…


So, we’re not happy with the “Light’s” retirement and we’re not happy with the new announcement track on TTA. What next?
(I could also complain that HalloWishes has had two segments cut since 2008 and the show is 2 minutes shorter)


I think it’s all cutbacks! All the companies are doing it. There is still plenty to see and do around World Showcase, but these lights and the tree lighting were two of my favs!! :frown:


This is sad. I remember back in 2001, I believe, we were in Epcot at night headed out, and I noticed this man trying to describe the light to his blind son. All I can remember about his description is that his adjectives weren’t abou their appearance, but the warm feeling that they conveyed. Kind of a tear-jerker.


This makes me sad. :sad:


I completely agree with Doug. “Obsolete technology” is nothing more than a euphemism for “we’re not willing to spend the money to fix it”

Come to think of it, if anything at WDW uses obsolete technology, it’s Osborne Lights.

The folks at Disney are disingenuous.



According to a CM website the arches that hold the lights of winter broke on installation/moving, that is why they are not being put up this year.

As for why there is no longer the tree lighting ceremony, it was a safety issue that they stopped it. Having so many people packed together under the lighted arches caused a safety issue should something happen and they need to evacuate the people quickly.


Matt, they have been upgrading the Osborne lights and most of the tree lights to LEDs. I guess it helps when one of the major corporate sponsors (Siemens) is also a major manufacturer of light bulbs and LED lighting.


Nooo i loved those lights! I hope they bring them back and dont get rid of them completly because they where just so pretttyyy!! I don’t like Disney cutbacks :frowning:


I’m betting they will have a replacement up and running for next year.


I am so sad and bummed that the LOW will not be up this year…LOVED those lights! We are going on an unexpected trip to WDW late in December and we were so looking forward to EPCOT and those lights…just won’t be the same without them…hopefully, Disney will listen to the outcry from many upset guests and maybe, just maybe, LOW will be back (possilby upgraded ???).


That seems like such a bland transitional area without something pretty like the “Lights of Winter!” Why wouldn’t they just replace it with something just as cool & updated?


I agree - what an entrance to the World Showcase when they were there - now it is just bland - I hope Disney re-thinks this move.