Lights of winter rumor is true


Disney officially retires the Lights of Winter holiday archway at Epcot - Orlando Attractions Magazine Blog

So bummed I never got to see them


That’s sad. They were beautiful and a big plus in Epcots Christmas decorations.


I’m really surprised to hear this, the lights were such a part of Epcot at Christmas.


:sad: :sad:


Whaaaaaat. Obsolete? They’re Disney!! Surely they can come up with another alternative that does the same thing. :frown:

Not a happy screever!! :mad:


I am sad, those were beautiful and I am glad that I saw them a few times.

It’s Disney - they will come up with something smashing instead, you’ll see


That’s sad. They don’t have to “blink” Just to walk under them was beautiful


I agree. I don’t even remember them blinking :blink:


Oh I am so disappointed about this. :frown:


I am sorry to see it go. We have some great pictures with the arch in the background.


They were one of my favorite Xmas light displays at Disney


Unbelieveable!! I can’t believe Disney retired them without a replacement,

What were they thinking??

I hope they replace them with something good next year!!


this is horrible news! I loved those lights. …


I am very sad. Not that it will much good, but I wrote disney.


I am glad we were ableto see them last year.

… I wonder if I can have them.


They were our FAVORITE by far. It was funny on our trip in October, DW commented, “something’s missing!” Our last 3 trips to DWD have been during the holidays and we’ve come to expect them.

I find this decision to be terribly short-sighted. The Twitter comment can be translated to: “too expensive to repair and too expensive to replace”

I’m so disappointed… but with the way Disney’s been making decisions lately, I can’t say I’m shocked. :glare:


This bums me out too. They were so pretty and I so looked forward to seeing them in a few weeks. Poo!


Bummer! I loved those lights.


That stinks!!! I loved that display. What is Disney thinking??? :mad:


BAAAH HUMBUG Disney! :angry: