Lights of Winter?


I’ve seen some speculation, on another website, that the Lights of Winter may not be performed this year. According to the post, the arches are usually kept in the Epcot parking lot for a few weeks prior to being erected, and there’s been no sight of them there yet this year. Does anyone know anything about this?


I don’t think I even know what that is?:confused:


It’s that archway that looks like snowflakes (to me at least) that you walk through to get to the showcase (Epcot)


Oh. I never knew they had a specific name. I hope they are not stopping that, we always take a picture with them in the background. You must investigate this for us. In 6 days. :))


yessssss, I must


yes, you now have a mission (cue mission impossible music) !!!

I love those lights. My DH and I would sit on “our” bench and alternate between watching the dancing lights and the dancing fountain.

I will be very sad if they are gone.:crying: