Lights On! SM


Has anyone ever ridden Space Mountain with the ligths on? I was on the TTA once and went through when the lights were on. I have always thought it would be cool to ride it like that. I watched this video YouTube - Space Mountain (WDW) with the lights on POV! and just wondered if any one here had done this.:cool:


We’ve only seen it from the WEDWay but it was cool seeing what it really looks like.


I rode Space Mountain with the lights on and it was BORING yet SCARY. Something was wrong with the ride, and the car next to us had stopped, but we kept going. I thought we were careening out of control and that we were gonna die any second.

I will say its neat to see just how TIGHT everything is. It’s very close together, they mean it when they say to keep your hands down! :ohmy:

All in all, I didn’t like it. They did let us get right back in the front of the line, waiting for the lights to go off again, and we had another turn the proper way. :happy:


Never ridden it, but it looks a lot less scary with the lights on!


Screever, I think I understand about scary but boring. Seeing how close the tracks and things are on the video looks scary but you loose so much without the darkness and flashing lights.


I think with the lights on or off that ride is scary!!! Im always afraid I will wack my head on something :laugh:


My DD rode it with the lights with school, she said it was weird and that the ceiling needed to be repainted.


I’ve never ridden SM with the lights on but I’ve seen it with the lights on and it just looks like a big metal mess. It’s just too outdated, we rode it a couple weeks ago & my husband says he doesn’t want to go on it again until they refurb it. SOOOO rough!


the only time i ever saw it with the lights on, was when it had broken down. the lights came on while they were doing the repairs. it was not a comforting feeling to know that i would be riding a roller coaster that had just experienced “technical difficulties”. i don’t blame you for waiting until it is refurbished!


I watched a video of SM in DL and it noticed that it seemed very different from the one in DW. Looks like it had a refurbishment about two years ago.


YES, it’s awesome. I still miss the Dick Dale surf music they used to play inside Disneyland’s SM but the refurb is awesome. SOOO much smoother & exciting. I miss Disneyland [sigh].


YEAH!!! What is up with that? Why does the ‘overhead clearance’ seem SOOO low in some spots? It scares me EVERYTIME! I wonder what the clearance is in those spots.


Exactly. Boring because the mystery of where we were going was dissipated, but scary because I really thought we were gonna die. :mellow: That wasn’t the first time I thought such things on that trip either. Scary spring break!!


I’ve seen it with the lights on, which sort of dissapointed me because it seemed kinda disorganized and ugly!!!

Now I’m scared to let my super tall husband ride it - how did he ever not get his head knocked off! :laugh:

I really actually think it would be fun to ride with the lights on - SUPER scary, but I’m not riding it again until the refurb due to the fact that my cervical spine and lumbar spine feel hurt and sore when I disembark! :laugh:

Seriously, I get jerked around on that ride!!

My children wouldn’t miss it for the world, though! I guess I’m getting old!


I’m only 5’3" and I sit down low when I’m on SM! :laugh:


Same!!! I hope he never gets the bright idea to put his hands up! I’ll have to have a talk with him when he gets home. :ninja:


Cool video! Are there plans for a refurb any time soon? It’s way too rough for me as it is now.


On our last trip, we caught the lights on in Space Mountain three times - all while on TTA (we love that ride :laugh:). Only once have I been in line for Space Mountain when the lights were on. Luckily, I’ve never been on the ride when they had to cut the lights on. It looks creepy.


The very first time I rode Space Mountain, the lights were on (Nov. 1996).
Never since that time have I ever seen the ride operate with the lights on.
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve ridden, but it’s got to be over 100 by now.


I seriously don’t think I would ride it if the lights were on. I prefer to NOT see where I’m going on that one and now that I see how close everything is, I’d be even more creeped out. And, Erin, I seriously get jerked around on SM, too. Talk about whiplash. :pinch: But DS love it (and riding in the front) so we do it several times every time we go! :happy: