Lilo and stitch breakfast at the poly


we are doing the LiLo and stitch breakfast in september it is just my DH and I . we are paying out of pocket Is this any good?


:goofybounce: :goofybounce: I’ll let you know in 2 weeks when we go!!! :goofybounce: :goofybounce:

I promise I’ll bring back some photos for you, if you can wait that long.:happy:


Funny you say that, DH and I were just talking about having breakfast there the next time we are in WDW… It will be either breakfast or dinner in Ohana’s.


I thought it was really good! The bread that they bring you out is amazing!!! Especially the pineapple one!


We did the Ohana breakfast last Novemeber . . . the food was yummy, the service GREAT! And they handed out cute Hawaiian instruments for the kids and characters to march around the room and dance. So the kids had fun too! I’d recommend it.


we are doing both breakfast and dinner I always wanted to see the Poly and for the near futre it isnt going to be possible for us to stay there. I hope the dinner is good I have read different reviews on it. both of these are character meals it is jsut my DH and I.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


i know it’s been some time since i’ve been frequent on these boards, so i’m a little behind on WDW. what characters do they have at the lilo and stitch breakfast besides the obvious?


We did the Ohana breakfast in December, and if memory serves it was Lilo, Stich, Mickey, and Pluto. The mini ‘parade’ (more like a conga line) the kids get to do is very sweet. I really liked the bread and the guava juice. The rest of the food was better than average for mass breakfast fare (eggs, bacon, pancakes, etc).

Prezcatz Paul


It does sound like a lot of fun and if we didn’t already have 2 character breakfasts scheduled this would have been at the top of our list- we decided to do dinner at O’Hana instead so that we can still eat at the Poly. I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures from this!! Hope you all have fun!!


We also did the Ohana breakfast and I have to say it was one of the better character meals we have ever done. The view is beautiful from the restaurant, the entertainment (characters) were great, and the food-as said, especially the bread basket and the juice-were fantastic! I would highly recommend this one!


The juice is awesome too!


LILO JUICE!!! My kids love it . . . they wouldn’t tell us what’s in it, said it was Lilo’s secret recipe . . . BUT . . . Dole’s orange, mango, peach is pretty darn close. YUM! :wub:


I’m so glad to hear the good reviews! We’re doing the Ohana breakfast for the first time in Jan. (going on our last day before we have to leave for the airport). On past trips we’ve done Ohana dinner and the Luau. I always have to get at least one meal at the Poly on every trip to help make up for the fact that I can’t afford to stay there quite yet!


We, too, enjoyed this breakfast. This was the best character interaction we have experienced in all our trips. We have 5 ranging in age from 21-16 and they all had a blast. I have one of the pics om my desk. You will not be disappointed.


I agree, its a great breakfast! And the character interaction is also very good. You won’t be disappointed!


I think this is one of the best character breatkfasts! We didn’t feel rushed at all (like at CRT). We were actually told to take our time eating so we could see all the characters. The meal is served family style and was really good. DD had a ball doing the conga around the restaurant with Stitch! Alot of fun!


Just got back last week and went to this breakfast. It was GREAT:pirate: I would do it again next time we go. The place looks great and the food is also good. I would not hesitate to go there.


Thats great! I can’t wait to go!:happy:

Do they have waffles and pancakes?


This will be my first time trying this breakfast! I’m glad to hear so many good reports!


it’s brilliant! The food is lovely, as much as you can eat. Service always exceptional and surroundings lovely. To be fair, lots of people will say it’s more for kids but then IMO, that could be said for every character meal. DD adores Lilo and stich, as do I and we really enjoy it and will certainly go back again and again.