Lilo and Stitch


Can you only have a character meal with Lilo and Stitch at 'Ohana’s at breakfast? Is there any other meals they attend? DD has “discovered” them and has fell in love :wub: …


There are no other character meals w/Lilo and Stitch, but we found them a lot walking around AK. They hang out in one spot all day, near the merchantile store (I believe). My DD has been madly in love witht the little blue alien for as long as she was able to say “Stitch” so we always look for him there!


They are not at any other meals. They are easily found in the MGM and MK parks though. I saw stitch more often than Lilo, but they are around. You can ask a cm when you enter the park and they will be able to tell you when and where to find certain characters.


My family and I cannot wait to go to Ohana’s and have the best breakfast in wdw with the naughtiest of characters :laugh: I don’t think L&S are part of any other meals I’m afraid but we bumped into them right by Mickey’s hat in central MGM :blush:


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I think we may try and get an adr for 'Ohana’s for the breakfast… and just pay cash… We’ll have the free dining plan, but I made our other ADR’s months ago…


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LOL! :laugh: That made me chuckle Boss! :laugh: :laugh:


DD loves Lilo and Stitch too! We did the Ohana breakfast and it was great. The characters really took their time with the kids and the servers basically told us to relax and enjoy. Didn’t feel rushed at all like we did at CRT breakfast. Mickey also led all the kids around the room to the song “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”. DD had SOOO much fun! Enjoy!

Oh, the picture from my avatar is from the breakfast.


We are doing our at 10:50 as a “brunch”. This way we can hit some rides that morning and get that off of our minds briefly so we can sit down and enjoy it without wanting to rush out to the parks. I also figured it would be less crowded then and we would have more time with the kids. You can make reservations up until 11:00 I believe for the character breakfast.I can’t wait!!!


** WE would have more time with the chracters** Kids to!!


This was our plan, too. It worked very well. WE opened MK and hit some rides, then mono’d over for the food. It was not crowed and the charachters were very interactive. They came back to the table several times.