Lilo costumes


The Bf and I are going to MNSSHP and he wants to dress up. Last year he bought the stitch hands and hat that looks like he’s eating your head. So, naturally this year he wants to go as Lilo and Stitch. So here’s my question. Does anyone know where I could find an adult Lilo costume? I can’t sew, so making its out of the question Lol


I think you can just buy a Red Hawaiian Muumuu, and wear a leis of yellow flowers, black wig and flip flops - DONE! :smile:

I found the red muumuu on ebay

Just included this picture for reference:


This one is closer, but more $$$

#5 Red leaf


Start hitting the Thrift Stores now for the dress! Ya just never know…have fun…


Great idea, Jen! DisneyFan, please post pictures if you do this. It sounds so cute!


If you can even just find a red dress at a thrift shop, you could cut white leaves out of felt and glue them to the dress.


That is a great idea to go as Lilo… I have searching for plus sized costumes and all i can find are “sexy” costumes, which to me is crazy. I am thinking since I am plus sized, why in the world would I want to wear something that doesn’t cover all the right areas???


Ugh I know!! I can only find sexy Alice! 1)inappropriate for Disney. I saw too many of the sexy outfits last year and 2)I’m a chubby! Hello…don’t need my cellulite hanging out Lol.

I was thinking of getting 3 hanes red T’s and kinda ghetto rigging it to look like a dress lol


First… I cannot believe the price of muumuus! Wow! :laugh:


I was thinking of getting 3 hanes red T’s and kinda ghetto rigging it to look like a dress lol[/QUOTE]

As a costumer, you’re killing me. :laugh: Are you thinking safety pins?

(I’m also thinking I need to start making and selling Lilo costumes… can’t believe they’re not out there!)


I agree! My friends and I always joke that Halloween is now dress like a slut night! :wacko: Seriously?? My DD10 is in the “Tween” sizes, but the skirts are so, so short - sometimes I can’t believe it. :nonono2:


Not safety pins. Maybe staples lol


I am so glad I am not the only out there thinking the costumes for girls/women are ridiculous. My DD is 9 but she can wear Jr. clothes, so trying to find her a Halloween costume is gonna be “fun” for me this year…


That would actually be very easy to so…I would see if you have any friends who can so…I am sure they wouldn’t mind as it wouldn’t take long. You would just need to find fabric.


Goodwill/Savl Army/thrift stores are the place to go for halloween costumes! Try that before anything else, it’s how I got peices of or entire costumes for most halloweens, lately. =)


If you can get the material cheap you can probably find a dress pattern online or in the thrift stores! I’ve never seen Lilo costumes in the stores, somebody should realy pick up on this!