Limsy and the 3 Dwarves Go to Disney


I am hoping to become inspired and actually write this trip report.

The cast includes:

Me - Limsy
DS - 6 otherwise known as Happy
DS - 11 otherwise known as Cranky
DH - ?? otherwise known as Grumpy

As you can guess, two of us had a marvelous time. The other two, not so much.

Highlights include:

50’s Prime Time Cafe :laugh: :laugh:

The Grand Floridian Cafe :happy:

Animal Kingdom :wub: :wub:

Epcot Day 2 :happy: :happy:


Epcot Day 1 :mad:

Mama Melrose :mad:



CHEERLEADERS!!!:mad: :mad:


OMG, that sounds like a mixed bag.

Ok, I’ll start:

Epcot :mad: – why?

Mama Melrose :mad: --why?

I think next time you have to go with me…


I love mixed bag reports… makes my trip reports seem much more the norm! Keep it going!


Oh goody, a TR!!! With pics, right??

I don’t think anyone has a “perfect” trip every time they go. I want to hear the whole shabang.


I’m waiting in breathless anticipation, Miss LMS!

I want to hear it all, the good, the bad, the ugly…


Well, you are going to get the whole shabang! :laugh:

I couldn’t decide if my expectations were just too high, or if Grumpy was right and things were as unpleasant as he thought.


:laugh: Will do!


Please take a deep breath Llama!! This could take a while.:laugh:


Before I really get started, I just wanted to rant a bit about photos.

I don’t really like the way I look in photos, ever. BUT I have to say, that the ones from this trip were particularly awful. I don’t think my DH could have taken any more unflattering pictures of me than he did.

I am not a knockout by any means, and there is nothing I can do about my short stature, but, geez louise, I look like an oompa loompa in almost every picture!! :laugh: I must admit, seeing the pictures from Chef Mickey’s put me in such a sour mood, I couldn’t shake it! (THAT IS SOOO VAIN OF ME, I KNOW!!)

I am dreading seeing how the photo pass ones came out.


Epcot was a disaster. I have never seen it so crowded! But the Candlelight Processional with John O’Hurley was fantastic!! It could not have been better.

Mama Melrose was really disappointing. The place was half empty, and the service was soo bad! The servers practically threw our food on the table! Never refilled our drinks, and to top it all off, she brought out the dessert menu with our entrees, and said, here take a look at this now in case you decide you want dessert later.


I am still sorting through photos. I have a really nice one for Donut from Test Track this time. The EE one just wasn’t up to par. I looked rather bored in the photo. :huh:

Some arrival details:

Southwest once again, was awesome. We actually got to Orlando ahead of schedule, and we were on the ME within 30 minutes of landing!

We left snow and 20 degree temperatures in Detroit, and arrived to 80 degree temperatures in Orlando! Yippee!!

Our room at POFQ was READY!! And we had a water view!! Truly lovely and peaceful, until the cheerleaders arrived.:mad:

We had dinner plans at the Grand Floridian Cafe and then we were off to MVMCP, which was actually wonderful! Except it rained. During the fireworks. :crying:


Could somebody be so kind as to tell me the best way to resize my photos? I can’t figure it out with the kodak software, and my hp software isn’t working either. :frowning:


yipeee… a new TR… bring it on…


Um can someone please help her? I really want her to start her TR!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Limsey!!
Welcome back…and hurry up already!


welcome home!!


I am still experiencing technical difficulties…


C’mon Oompa Loompah! Let’s get rolling with this!:glare: Stop being such a tease!


Ok here goes, I tried something Boss told me to do, so bear with me.


Hey it looks like it worked. Wasn’t the castle beautiful??