Lion King 3D- New Take on a Classic


Had the opportunity to go this week to see this and it was awesome to see Lion King again on the big screen and even better in 3D. What a work of art! It has always been my favorite story and being in creative director for a drama ministry, I revealed in all the themes I could use as lessons. There are lessons about taking responsibility and learning from the past. Also having a sense of duty to self, community and to this planet. I found myself laughing and crying which is true to the Disney formula for every laugh there is a tear.
If you get a chance take time to see this Disney Masterpiece on the silver screen. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


I went this weekend too! It has been years since I have watched this movie and I really enjoyed it. My youngest had never seen the movie and she was standing up and clapping at the end.


For anyone wanting to save, Subway kids meals has a $5 off coupon for the new DVD release good til January so perfect for Christmas gifts:mickey:


Great hint! Thanks. :smile:


I went to see it last Friday evening, and I was super annoyed by the audience. There were a lot of little kids and adults in there, which was cool… but there were also large groups of high school and college kids (I happened to recognize the orange shirts, too… :blush: :pinch:) who thought it was funny to quote the movie out loud before the characters said their punch lines and sing along to the songs. Rude young adults! This is the behavior that makes people generalize my age group as self-centered and obnoxious.

But, besides that, I thought the movie was really cool. I was a little tripped out by the end of the movie, though. I’m pretty sure I’ll never want a 3D TV because an hour and a half of stuff flying at my face is enough for me! I thought they did a good job breaking up the animation and adding depth, and they could do a lot of cool 3D effects with Zazu flying in and out of the screen.


I work at a movie theater, and I’ve been really surprised at how well this has been doing. I will have to admit, I went in to clean today at the tail end of the credits and I boobed up a little bit at the dedication to Frank Wells. Frank and I are buddies.