Liquids in carryons


Due to the terrorist plot which was spoiled (Thank God!) you may need to check with your airline to see what their new guidelines may be. And also due to hightened security measures you may want to arrive at the airport earlier…

This is from Jet Blue’s website:

Operations Update
Last Updated: 8/10/2006 11:30:00 AM EST

JetBlue’s flights are operating normally. To help expedite your airport experience today, we encourage you to:

Pack all liquid-, lotion- and gel-based products, such as shampoo, toothpaste, suntan lotion and contact lens solution in your checked bags. These items will not be allowed on board the aircraft.
Please allow additional time for security checkpoints at the airport today.
Check in online and print your boarding pass at home. You can check bags in online as well and go directly to our Online Bag Drop counter at the airport.


Also, wear easy to take off/put back on shoes, everyone must take them off and put them through the X-ray machine


Also do everyone a favor and take them off before you get to the actual security walk through. It makes the line go faster to be prepared. Most airlines have many signs throughout the line you are in to tell you what you need to do. Use your logic and get it ready before you get to the xray point. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stuck behind a group of people who waited until the last second to get themselves ready…SO annoying!


I bought a mesh like beach bag and have used that for carryon since 911- it works well and is seethrough…


I read somewhere that they were allowing mom’s to bring on baby’s formula and stuff but that the mom had to taste all of it in front of security…so be sure if you have little ones that you pack stuff for them that you don’t mind tasting in front of folks.:blow:


This is against the law, they can not do that… Just wanted to let you know… Most places wont let you take drinks through the x-ray but some airports will. I have had them slosh the drink around or look in them but they can not make a mom drink baby formula or breast milk. Just FYI


If you have nothing to hide, why wouldn’t you just take a sip?


My son was a formula baby and if it tastes like it smells then it has to be pretty nasty stuff, he just didn’t know any better.


i would rather the few moments of having to drink formula that to have the plane explode because some wacko brought something on the plane.


I agree but it’s just sad that the world has come to this.


The Homeland Security Act gives security agencies a lot of leeway in terms of steps needed to protect aircraft.

But, to be clear, you’re right, they can’t make you taste it. But then, if you refuse to taste it, they have the right not to allow you to bring it on-board.

Or worse, they can deny you to get on-board.

Until they get everything sorted out, it’s just easier to taste it. It may not be Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee, but it’s certainly palatable. :laugh:


Also,if you have liquid medicines,you will be allowed to bring them on board.

Especially important: Do NOT let these @$#*# terrorists keep you from going about your lives,people!!!


I am beginning to wander if I am the jinx. We were going to our first flight together on our 1st anniversary. Our tickets were for 9-14-01. Obviously, we didn’t get there. In September, 2004, we were going to Disney. We ended up going in between hurricanes. Frances hit in Pittsburgh the day we were leaving, and by the time we got there, Ivan was lurking around the corner. Now, in September, we are going to Disney again, and the terrorists are at it again. It seems that everytime we fly, something happens. I must be the jinx. (HAHAHA)


LOL, my son drank soy and if he spit up on my clothing it stained. It so funny how they drink that stuff and then end up becoming picky eaters.


Can we just nuke the guy and be done with all of this?

In 50 years, Disney can build a new park there.


I understand everyones frustration, I too, am frustrated that we cannot go about our everyday lives and not have such a hassle, however, it is what it is. Whether or not they can make you drink the liquids you need to bring on or if it is or is not against the law, who cares, just do it. We are talking about precious lives not the fact that we have rights. As far as I am concerned, it is my right to feel protected by my government when flying and if this is what we need to do, then we need to do it!

I don’t mean to be nasty, please understand that, I guess I just get so aggravated when I hear or read someone who is frustrated by their inconveinece when these are measures designed to save lives. Sorry if I have offeneded anyone, I guess I just feel we all need to be reminded.


I think its the slow erosion of all of our civil rights in the name of security that has people bummed. I can certainly see their side of it.


I dont think anyone needed to be reminded, all of the above threads pretty much end with the same sentiment if it keeps us alive then so be it. I think everyone agrees we would rather be inconvenienced than dead. Unfortunately in my country my goverment has done very little to protect me from the threat of terrorism and my Prime Minister is still enjoying his Carribbean holiday when his country is in a state of emegency, that type of disregard is the cause of my frustration not airport security measures.


hi guys
just a quick question…if we are only allowed to bring on ticket/ passport medicine etc…where do we put our camera gear/ laptops/ video equip…cause if it goes in the hold…the baggage guys are going to either steal it or drop it many times…are they going to provide security boxes for our valuables???

cause I NEED my camera at WDW!!



I just had to put my digi camera, and charger in the case and my sunglasses and my daughters MP3 player and with the baggage handlers thats such a risk I can just imagine a good 70 lb case being thrown on top of mine-ouch -but hopefully they will still be there in one piece the other side otherwise its a quick trip to Wally world as Tink calls it for more supplies