List of Attraction where Videoing is allowed


Hi there,

I know there are some attractions throughout WDW where they do not allow photography and videoing. Does anyone know where there is a list of the attractions where it is or isn’t allowed? I’m trying to figure out what I can tape when there and what I can’t.



I’ve never been stopped anywhere when I have my digi camcorder… I know they dislike flash photo at some shows and rides(Haunted Mansion), But as far as not allowing anything I have never come across that.


I was stopped by a security guard before Fantasmic from using my tripod. This happened only once. His excuse was that Disney didn’t want people making tapes that were too good looking and then selling them.
Never mind that this was one of 6 recordings I made of the show that I later edited down to something that is a professional product that I would have no trouble selling for good money, were I to choose to do so, which I refuse to do.
I think the main prohibition is use of strobes and lights in dark settings where the lights destroy any effect. What I love (laugh my butt off at) are people who take pictures of fireworks using their strobes and people who take pictures of night time shows using strobes when they are 200 feet away from their subject. Besides everything else, needless use of your camera’s strobe only kills the batteries faster and doesn’t do anything to help your photo.
I think they do make announcements at each of the 4D attractions that photography and video aren’t allowed. Of course there’s the strobe issue, but there’s also the fact that it is a 3D film and it won’t show up properly with standard cameras.
Not sure what other rides they don’t allow camera use on, other than Rock and Roller Coaster, which is a coaster with three upside down inversions and no park allows on ride coaster photography. Well, no park other than Disney because I’ve done video and still on Big Thunder a few times, both east coast and west coast versions.

Oh, for you people who do take flash pictures of fireworks and Fantasmic, keep it up. That stuff doesn’t help your pictures, but all those strobes in the crowd look great in my videos.


I’ve seen videos of almost everything (rides, shows, etc.) on youtube. People will take videos of anything and I’ve never seen them have to put down their cameras for any CM’s. I wouldn’t suggest using them on anything that seems dangerous but I don’t really think that you’ll get in trouble.

I’ve video taped several shows and whatnot for my own personal use. My friend and I once had a boat all to ourselves on PotC and it was eerie in a way that we literally felt like we were the only ones in there. I just had to capture it on video.

As long as you don’t use a flash on indoor/dark rides, I think you’ll be able to capture whatever you want. :happy: