List of Good Neighbor hotels


I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread of Good Neighbor hotels that some of us have stayed at and really liked. I will start.
Residence Inn by Marriott, Disneyland area. We loved it, the grounds were lovely and the pool was really nice. Breakfast was pretty good.

Residence Inn by Marriott, Garden Grove. We loved this one also, the rooms were really nice, the pool was great and the Breakfast was great. Oh and there are alot of stores and restaurants in the area.

Staybridge Suites. We like this hotel because the rooms are really big, and the breakfast is pretty good. The pool is nice. However the staff has been really rude everytime we have stayed there. Now that we found that hotel in Garden Grove we will not stay here again.

Comfort inn and suites. We liked it okay. It was clean and the pool was okay. Breakfast was not great. The kids room was really cute.

The Peacock Suites. We really liked this one, the pool is covered and the breakfast was pretty good.

We have stayed at several others, but we can just keep adding to this list.


The Portofino Inn and Suites. Quite roomy and very nicely decorated. We liked it very much. We started out at the Park Vue Inn across the street from DLR and thought that was terrible. We moved the next day and were quite pleased with the Portofino. For virtually the same price, we had a much nicer room with lots of space, including a separate kids area.


I know I always blab on about the Candy Cane Inn here on DC, but you can’t stop me! I’m going off again! bwwahahaha
I have stayed at both the Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier and I must say that the Candy Cane Inn has the exact same quality rooms. They have beautiful feather pillows and down comforters, a beautiful continental breakfast (all the juice/coffee/bagels/cereal/fruit you could ask for) they have a nice (outdoor) pool and hot tub, and most importantly FREE! AIR-CONDITIONED!!! Candy Cane Inn guests ONLY shuttles to the parks every half hour!!! none of that ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation) where you pay and have to wait for 50 other hotel drop offs after a long tiring day.
The price is very very reasonable (aprox. $90-$110 per room, less if you’re with AAA)
They landscaping is incredible and the staff there have a very Disney attitude and have always been completly wonderful and helpful, I’ve stayed there 4 times.

okay, I sure hope the CEO of candy cane inn reads this and gives me some 7 free nights or something! haha


We stay at the Ramada Main Gate Saga… Top floor end room. The balcony overlooks the TOT and SM… (my favorites…semi blocked view but still really cool at night!) Big, clean room(I am very picky:O) , comfy bed, small pool/spa… Nothing incredible but safe feeling and VERY inexpensive! We got a room for 50.00/night last year. ( Check the travel site- Sidestep)They have a nice little store onsite for essentials and it is a really short, easy walk to the main gate. Maybe 5 minutes? Wasn’t even bad at the end of an all day adventure! The “breakfast” is just a roll and juice or coffee but it works for us! We are not into the fancies in a hotel since we are only there to sleep,shower and head back to Disney!
The more we save on hotels the more the mouse gets!


The Candy Cane was an excellent choice for my wife and I plus our 2 sons. Well worth the money for a premium room which is what we had. Highly, highly recommended!


Back in law school, I always stayed at the Travelodge because of the military discounts. Since they aren’t around anymore, I’ll stick to the ones I’ve stayed at for the past three years.

Coast Anaheim - First time I stayed there; nice rooms, nice hot tub / pools Conveniently close to Disneyland, but we got the South side, so we couldn’t look at Disneyland.

Hyatt Regency - Have stayed there MANY times. The South Tower is the bomb. October '04 was the last time, but the beds were to die for. Good hot tub, but the pool was on the second floor and not as large as one would expect.

Hilton Anaheim - They gave us a suite, just the two of us, no additional cost. It was cool. WAY TOO MANY CHEERLEADERS…

Four Points Sheraton - The first time I stayed WAY OFF site. Not a bad hotel, but we were facing the freeway. Didn’t NEED a wake up call. Not that the service staff went out of their way to assist you.

Marriot Fullerton - One of the BEST HOTELS EVER. Put the Hyatt to shame. The rooms were comfortable and posh. Only the rainy weather put a damper on the hot tub / pool events. Fifteen minute drive to Disneyland

Anabella - Very nice hotel, unexpectedly posh. Gave Erik’s mom a suite, she seemed to enjoy that. Four post beds, multiple pillows, nice hot tub and pool. WALKING DISTANCE TO DISNEYLAND.

Holiday Inn Express Placentia - Freebie breakfasts, internet access, comfortable rooms. Fifteen minute drive to Disneyland.