Little Einstein Merchandise


Just to let you all know, when we were at DW last week, we expected to find lots of Little Einstein’s toys and merchandise, especially at MGM when we went for the Playhouse Disney lunch at H&V.

Well, much to our (my son’s) despair, other that a couple DVD’s and CD, and two books that we found at Once Upon a Toy, there is NO Einsteins merchandise in the parks. We looked everywhere, and then we asked a cast member. She told us that the stuff is exclusive to the Disney stores around the country, and not in the parks.

We found this to be VERY odd since they are really starting to promote them there. My kid just wanted a rocket toy.

Also, there is not much Cars stuff their either. A disfferent cast member said that the sell out of that stuff fast what little they had. $6.00 for a small matchbox type lightning mcqueen! They are $3.00 at WalMart!!!
…yeah, we bought him one…



I’m suprised that it’s exclusive to Disney stores. I don’t recall seeing anything during our last visit to ours.


We just put our Little Einstein merchandise out on the shelves at my store this past Sunday. Stuffed versions of all the kids and the rocket and they all talk. They are going over well.
We also put out some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys.


What are the prices for the rockets?


I didn’t think to look at the price, but I want to think they are between 12 - 15 dollars.


Ok, so it is just starting to arrive in the stores? We have been looking for Little Einstein stuff since the show started.

By the way, we watch those movies so much I am sick of them. But DD who is 2.5 LOVES them. I guess tomorrow after Little Gym we will be going to the Disney Store.


Did you try looking on line, Misty?


My DD (3 1/2 years old) LOVES Little Einsteins. She spotted them at the Disney Store immediately and all of them, including Rocket,went home w/us that day. They were $12.50 each. They are absolutely adorable and look identical to the characters and they talk. It’s a bargain in my book. Hurry and go get them before they’re sold out.


Strange, I really thought there would be loads of merchandise all around WDW…esp MGM. My DD (3) loves them and watches every chance she gets. I was hoping there would be the small figures and bath toys etc etc that we could buy when we next come over but it seems at the moment that this is not to be :pinch: :crying:


I have seen some pjs only recently, but not any toys. Honestly, I have not tried too hard online. Thanks Cavey, I will search for some. The local Disney store was out of rocket, but she did get a Leo.


We will have to look these for some Xmas gifts. Our DD is also 3 and LOVES the little Einsteins, but she now knows that the United Nations is in New York and can hum some Mozart, so I guess it is working.

My DW noticed the other day that the first name of the conductor in Fantasia is Leopold and in Little Einstiens, Leo wants to be a conductor. Just a coincidence? :huh:

Prezcatz Paul


I wonder if WOD at DTD has anymore Einsteins than the parks.


Nope! We tried there, and all they had were a couple books, DVD’s and a CD. We went to our local Disney store yesterday, and bought a stuffed Rocket and they had all four stuffed characters. They all talk when you press the button. We also picked up a pair of PJ’s of Little Einsteins.
They person working there said the rockets just came out Sunday, and they are extremely popular. Hopefully more stuff to come.

There are some items on the Disney Shopping website. A rocket backpack for $9.99 for example. Check it out!!