Little Extras?


I always try and take care of the little extras or "Family Surprises” before we leave for our WDW trip. This year we are staying at the CSR. This whole trip is a Christmas surprise for our two kids. I would like to have Pal Mickey waiting for them in our room when we check in. I can’t seem to find a way to purchase Pal Mickey except for inside the parks. Does anyone know if this is possible? :tongue:


The resorts sell them in their stores…I would call one and see if they can do something like that. Can’t hurt.


I surprised my HUBBY with a Pal Mickey that was waiting for him in the room when we checked in!!! Here’s my suggestion…give the kids some quarters to play in the arcade while your wife checks in. You could then run in the gift shop and purchase Pal Mickey (I think they sell him at all the resort gift shops). Have the CM verify that he works correctly, then turn him off and hide him either by putting him in your backpack or luggage. Have your wife take the kids to walk around the resort a bit (maybe to check out the pool) while you go in the room, turn Mickey on (sorry, that sounds gross), and place him on the bed!!

Surprises are sooooo great! Good luck! :tongue:


Talk to the concierge at your hotel… you can have any item purchased at Marketplace or the parks delivered to your room if you are staying on property. It usually is delivered by the end of the day. You should be able to buy a Pal Mickey at World of Disney and have it waiting for you! Have a great trip!


Couldn’t get one, and have it in your room, also? They were going to decorate our room, for my DD’s birthday, so I assume they have access, and I think you can order pal Mickey on their site…


Is Pal Mickey really worth the $50?


I was going to do this for my DD on our last trip and never got it done. roncss, hoever was able to pull it off. You simply call your resort and prepay for a Pal Mickey using a credit card and they will place it in your room. You do not have to go through gifts of a lifetime to do it, but you can if you think the resort won’t get it right. I think that is very cool to surprise your kids like that. I can’t wait to watch more of your plans unfold.


Thank You so much for your ideas! I will try and call the resort tonight. :biggrin:

What other “little extras” ideas does anyone have?

This is great! Thanks for all your help…


I think Pal Mickey is definately worth the $50 he costs. I don’t have any kids and I bought one and loved it!


Little extras can be easy and free: surprise wake-up calls from Mickey.

Take notice of the little things they like in the parks. Like keychains or stuffed animals. You and your DW can purchase them on the sly and plant them in the rooms to be found at the end of each day. Wrap[ them in Xmas wrap and call them gifts from Mickey :heart:

Give each child their own disposable camera and help them make their own scrap books by purchasing some the of scrap books makers in the park so they can remember the trip always. Collect little things from the places you eat, park passes, guide maps etc.

My DD’s absolute favorite thing was pin trading. Buy them a starter set and watch them have a total blast trading with the CM’s all around WDW.


sorry, i am probably the only ’ doughnut ’ who does not know what Pal Mickey is ? Please shed some light on this for me…I am at WDW in feb and might just have to reserve $50 for one if it’s as good as you all say!!! :laugh:


I tried to have an intelligent, helpful answer for you, but I just couldn’t get past “turning Mickey on” :ohmy:


Pal Mickey is an interactive stuffed Mickey. He has some gizmo inside of him that makes him “speak” timely phrases as you walk around certain sections of the parks. He also plays a few games. I haven’t actually seen one but he sounds pretty neat. :wink:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Every time we go to Disney, I try to have a little “surprise” waiting for my daughter. This last time, I had a box that I filled with all kinds of things that pertains to Disney. For about three months before the trip, everytime I was out somewhere if I saw something that might fit into the box, I picked it up. I even found a princess wallet - I stopped by the Disney store and bought Mickey Money, and put it inside the wallet, I had cards, a brush, a note book and a stuffed bean bag Mickey. When we got to the room, I quickly went into the room before anyone else, my husband managed to slow my daughter down and I placed the box on her bed. There was a card in it that said, “Thanks for coming to visit me, I hope you have a great time! Love, Mickey”.

When we visited Mickey later in the park to get an autograph and picture, my daughter said “Thanks, Mickey for all the great stuff!” Of course the great character just nodded and acted like he knew exactly what she was talking about. To this day, she still thinks Mickey sent her a special gift. Unfortunately, though, I think that I may have started a new trend, how do I top that one? :blush:


Thank you all for the great ideas! My 7 yr old has been to WDW 6 times and we never thought to do that. We sent postcards the day we were leaving and signed them from Mickey, she thought that was great. I’m going to do the surprises now, I love that idea. I think we’ll be adding Pal Mickey to our family.

Disney Dad, let me know how that works out for you!


I have 2 different surprise ideas. One is to send home a postcard from whichever character we saw that day at a character meal or other time and say something SPECIAL like, “I was so pleased to see you ate all your mashed potatoes…” or something like that. So when we get home some postcards will be there and others will keep coming after we get home.

#2 - I found a Tinkerbell doll and a Buzz Lightyear (see through kind with lights) on clearance at the Disney Store and put them away for Christmas or birthdays. But then it hit me to pack them in my bag and write a little note to the kids so after we see Buzz and then see Wishes with Tinkerbell (or IF we get to be the ones to wake her up in MK that morning) have the CMs put them in our room while we are gone or sneak back myself to put them on the kids’ bed with the notes. They will be so THRILLED to get a card and doll from the characters.


Thanks Sydmacsmom! Thats a great idea. My two kid are just nuts over anything Disney… Hmm I wonder were they get that from??? I just finshed reading your idea to my wife, she is making our list… Thanks Again! DisneyDad


:mickey: That’s Great… This is what we do…
This will be my 8 yr olds 5th time at WDW and my 5 yr olds 3rd time.
This is what we do with the postcards… Every park that we visit at the WDW we buy two postcards and once the kids are in bed I write a quick note from Mickey/Minnie or who ever we meet that day and put them in the mail the next morning. The kids are shocked when we got home to find postcards from Mickey that say what a great time he had meeting my kids. My favorite part is the cards keep coming the week after we have come home.


:mickey: What a great idea!
Why I never thought of wake-up calls from Mickey… Thank you so much! My Kids love the camera thing, I think this year will be ready to scrap book.
Thanks Again.