Little known secrets?


And the questions keep on coming!! Yeah, so I’m in an inquisitive mood today :wink:

I LOVE knowing secrets about the rides. Little known stories and whatnot. ESPECIALLY ghost stories, like the one about George in the POTC ride (every time we’ve done the "I don’t believe in ghosts, the ride HAS broken down)…

does anyone know where online I could find more things like that for each ride in the parks?


Here is a cool Haunted Mansion link. I think they may have some ghost stories in there.


This one’s chock full of secrets!! Sssshhh!


What exactly are you talking about?


Each day when the cast members arrive at Pirates of the Carribean, they must say hello to George, the resident ghost. If a cast member fails to say hi, or if someone goes on the ride and repeats, “George isn’t real,” then the ride will break down.
REPORTED: Lindsay 12 FEB 99

George on Pirates of the Caribean is real. We asked the cast member about him when we were there last time and he said “Which George the cast member or the Ghost?” I was supprised to hear this. Then just to test it we kept saying/thinking George was not real. Sure enough the ride got jammed up in the jail area and all the other boats kept running into us and eachother. They even ran into us as we got into the unloading area. Scary. I know that next time I go I will definately say hi to George.
CONFIRMED: Ry Ogron and Mike Crowell 06 OCT 99

I am a Disney World Attractions cast member that can confirm the story of the George the Ghost on Pirates as we call it. Long story short he was a Imagineer that built the tracks for the ride and died on the ride. I will not tell anymore of this very complicated and secret story. He did design a secret area on the ride to hide, when stressed. The ride does break down if we do not say goodnight George after closing everynight, if we do forget the next day if a guest says I dont believe in George, it will and has broke down. The rest I will take with me to a grave, or you need to be a pirate for the carribean to learn the true secret behind the myth that is George.
UPDATE: anon 25 MAR 02
George is indeed real, and was an engineer working on the POC building, when a beam collapsed and killed him. Thus, he haunts the building where he died, but is a friendly ghost and his intent is always to help the CM’s, unless somebody purposely gets him mad.
CONFIRMED: Jennifer Dubin- Future CM 31 MAR 02



I have heard this before, I am totally going to try this next time.
Someone must always be saying that, because I always seem to get jammed up the end. It happened when I was at DL, too!


I am with you…I want to try it too! Creeeeeeeeepy!!!


Dementia, I never heard that fact about George before!! :whistling That is cool & freaky at the same time!

Now I’ve really gotta test that out the next time I go on POTC…


I have gotten in the jam at the end of the ride by the jail too, but think it’s nothing more than people taking their time getting out of the boats at the exit around the corner. Some folks just take longer than others.


Go to bed!! LOL

I haven’t gotten “jammed”… here’s MY story

The first time I tried it was in 2000. During the parade, I took my friend’s soon, then about 11 onto POTC, it was GREAT because we were the only ones riding. I even asked a CM about it, and they kind of chuckled. So we’re just passing the pirate ship and I start saying it. My friend’s son starts telling me not to do it, so naturally that eggs me on (Big TOUGH kid this was heheheh). I kid you not, not even a minute passes and BAM, the log stops, the animatronics stop for about 15 seconds. I start smiling because I think that’s just the keenest thing ever (I encounter paranormal stuff all the time), while of course my friend’s son is about to have a heart attack. We get off the ride soon after.

Fast forward to our last trip in 2002. My oldest daughter is rolling her eyes while my BF and I are saying it. We asked the CM before we got on and they asked us not to do it, because they didn’t want the ride breaking down. I don’t listen very well LOL… so we start saying it and nothing happened. Wouldn’t you know, the MINUTE we got out of the ride, it broke, and everything shut off for about a minute. Seems they had trouble for a while after that too.

True story. I plan on doing it AGAIN when we go back :whistling :biggrin:


This link has a ton of tidbits etc.


I’ve never heard of George but come to think of it I’ve broken down in front of the jail and at the end a lot. I think I’ll try it next time but I don’t know if I should tell DH. He says he doesn’t believe in ghosts but he doesn’t want to hear stories. Sounds like denial to me.


I just read this tidbit in one of the above links. My husband guessed it when we went on Splash Mountain over and over:

Outside, when every third log boat comes down the big drop into the briar patch, an auxiliary water cannon shoots off a charge of water that soaks folks standing on the bridge to Big Thunder Mountain. (This has been shut off some of the time including during cold spells and drought spells.)


omg that is AWESOME!!! I just read through it all and I have a whole bunch of new things to try to find next trip!! Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:


I’m going to be the 1,000th ghost in the HM someday. Pete is under strict instructions to take a handful of my cremains and shove them in his jeans pocket. Then he is going to take my ashes and toss them into the ballroom in the Haunted Mansion. Look for ghostly EJ w/a half yard of Guinness in the ballroom:ninja:


Oh my goodness, there are a couple of REALLY eerie ones coming out of Disneyland…

I posted a site here once that discussed them some time back.


ack! I am SO scared of ghosts!!! ever nice ones! AHHH! I am going to be SO scared next time I go on PotC…because NOT going on the ride isn’t an options but I really wish I hadn’t read this thread.