Little Mermaid hype


Has anyone else noticed all the merchandising hype going on leading up to the Little Mermaid release in October? I mean, Toys R Us is sporting lots more Ariel stuff than I’ve ever seen, and I even saw boxes and boxes of halloween candies in the middle of the food store, which were all Little Mermaid boxes with twix and starburst inside!

Believe me, I’m not complaining, DD has loved Ariel since she was able to see it (luckily we owned the VHS from the release in 1998).

It just means my Xmas shopping will have to be a little more expensive this year:pinch:


I’ve definitely seen Little Mermaid characters appearing on more cereal boxes and stuff! Boy, my little sis would sure be happy to see more Ariel merchandise in the toy stores. I’ll have to tell her to go take a look!

I really need to preorder this movie for DH’s bday…it comes out “the day of.”


I cannot wait for this movie to be released! It’s one of my favorites with only Beauty and the Beast coming ahead of it. I will definitely be purchasing it on the release day!

I haven’t noticed too much of a hype around Disney World. But that can change at any moment. There is still a Pirates frenzy going on around here. :happy:


Yeah, my DGD has a special affection for Ariel nowadays, although she picked Sleeping Beauty for Halloween this year. I am guilty though of pre-ordering my copy of the Mermaid DVD. I haven’t seen that movie since 1993. I’m also hoping to get my hands on Beauty and the Beast.


The folks at Disney are marketing geniuses. I mean, you take a good movie. Pull it out of sales for a few years and then release it from the “vault.” As a result people flock to buy the film as though it was a brand new release. And as newer formats come out (VHS, DVD, etc…) they can do this infinitely.

The guy who thought this up should be paid $millions$ by Disney.


I swear you channel my father, I swear you do. :laugh: He was just making this observation recently - only to him, it was more of a - well, a big fat RANT. :tongue:


I am totally pyched for this. Little Mermaid was the first movie I remember seeing in theatres, and the first Disney one at that. I haven’t seen alot of Ariel stuff lately in excess, then again I don’t get out much these days. :laugh:


What about when the movie is already on DVD, and then they come out with a limited SPECIAL EDITION DVD. Very rarely are they that different. That’s a huge $$$$ gimick!

OK-I’ll admit it, I buy into it! I can’ tell you how many movies I have on VHS that I am slowly buying into DVD’s as they are released!


No rant here. I think it’s a good idea. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t lining up to buy a copy of “Prince of Egypt.” Why? Because the line was years ago and you can get that film at any Walmart on any day. It started out at the $16 level, then dropped to $9.99 Someday it will be in the $5 bin. But Snow White–a film that’s 60 years old will come out again and sell like crazy at new-release price.


I’m sooo happy that it’s being released again, I had the VHS since it came out for the first time, but last year my DD damaged it, thank God I’ll be able to have it again! I have all of the old disney movies in VHS, except for Peter Pan.


Yes, I’m excited about the marketing! I just hope it gets more than Lady and the Tramp got…granted, LatT did get some marketing, but not as much as I hoped for!


I am so psyched about it coming out on DVD! I have the VHS version from 1998 like Princess Pooh, BUT NO VCR TO PLAY IT ON!!! I haven’t owned a VCR in years. So I will DEFINITELY be buying this movie upon its release! :happy: