"Little Mermaid" Musical 2007


Entertainment News- ‘Little Mermaid’ Musical to Debut - AOL News


I can’t wait to hear more about this, The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies.


i wonder how they’re going to do it. i hope it’s not like the voyage to the littler mermaid. i didn’t like that show.


I love Voyage of the Little Mermaid but this would be 100 times better.


I hope they make the sets for this spectacular. There’s so much things they can do to make the scenes so magical!! :wub:


My DD will love this musical!!! She grew up with it and has loved “Little Mermaid” since she was 3 years old (1990). Back then she would walk around with a fork, running it through her hair. She knows every song by heart. Now she is a Theater major at KSU. I can’t wait to tell her!


I bet this will be great! Little Mermaid is one of the best Disney movies ever (IMO) and it has some wonderful music. :heart:


:cool: Yay! I love the Little Mermaid! It’s one of my favorite Disney movies! I hope they put together tour dates soon (I can’t just hop over to Denver for the show.) While I doubt we’ll get it here in KY (seems so few shows come here :crying:) maybe it’ll go to Cincinnati.


if they do it right - it is going to be a great show…i can’t wait…


What a GREAT show this would be!!! :cool: